Friday, 31 July 2009

571 Infantry Company - 2nd Platoon

2nd platoon came into being after reading some of the rumoured pre release rules of the new codex. The idea of a whole platoon, over 100 men making up a single troop choice just amazed me so much, I had to do one. I decided that I didn't want conscript, as the Corbanian 1st are a professional army. I've nearly completed the platoon, I only need to do two more heavy weapons squad and another ten man squad. The heavy weapons teams are sitting on my painting station primed and ready as I type this.

Command Squad


Flamer Support Squad
Grenade Launcher Support Squad
1st Sqaud
2nd Squad

3rd Squad

4th Squad

Missile Launcher Squad

Mortar Squad

Heavy Bolter Squad


D'nyarak said...

Wow Col. that is an impressive amount of men you've painted up. I've been working on my own platoons and it has taken me a lot longer than hoped. How long has this platoon taken you so far?

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks mate, I've been working on it since March. I figure another month and I'll have it finished, hopefully!


Admiral Drax said...

Oh. Oh. Lovely. What a sight to see!

This all makes me so happy!

Good to see grenade launcher squads too: I love grenade launchers.

I really ought to take pics of my other finished platoon, or both together, oughtn't I?

- Drax.

Col. Corbane said...

You really should mate, get them mustered!

Gorefest5 said...

Wow, lovely work; very detailed. Love the Chimera, all the stowage is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Absolutly love the banner... I think that's a "steal for my own company, idea...