Tuesday, 21 April 2009

2nd Platoon continued

Well, it's been an interesting couple of weeks. My desire to get stuck in with my mini's has been set back on numerous occasions with real life getting in the way. Things seem to have calmed down now, so it's back on with the modelling.

I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at the new codex at my local GW. I didn't have that much time with it as I had wifey and kids in tow but I managed to confirm a few of the rumours. Overall, I'm quite pleased with the new dex, but time will tell. One thing I noticed is that infantry platoons can take conscripts, well, the Corbanian 1st is a professional army, so we'll be having none of that.

Anyway, back on track, here's my latest additions to 2nd platoon. First off, there's the heavy bolter squad bringing my heavy squads upto 3.

Next there's the two special weapon squads. One with grenade launchers and the other with flamers.

The flash didn't work on the second pic and it's come out quite well. That's what my troops actually look like to the naked eye. I think I'm going to have to invest some time into learning how to take decent pics, as they never seem to do my models justice.

I've got another 4 infantry squads and another 2 heavy weapon squads to do to finish off the platoon but I'm getting a little bored of infantry, so I'm going to have a break and paint something a bit bigger. I'm also going to dig out the video camera and get stuck into my trenches again.

So many projects, so little time .................


Chicago Terrain Factory said...

Apparently the new codex treats heavy weapons as a 2 wound, single base team. Those heavy bolters are beautifully based - do you have a plan for the new system?

Col. Corbane said...

Most of the people I play with a fine with separate bases. If I go for any tourniments which in all honesty arn't my scene, then I'll just bluetac them onto a sentinel base.

the other Kevin said...

I've learned to stop using a flash, once I figured out how to get the lighting set up.
I've always liked the work you've done on the uniforms. They look great.

King's Standard Bearer said...

I wait till the sun's out: I live in a flat that enjoys the sun all day but I wait till its really beaming in, then I get one of the misses' white shoeboxes, flip it over with the box face down on the floor and the lid behind to create the backdrop, then I rotate the mini to where I want it facing in the pic without me casting a shadow and turn off flash, turn on Mirco shot (the flower icon) and shoot away
Its a simple but effective method i think
Craig @ cadian8th

Col. Corbane said...

Guys, I live in wales, if I had to wait for sunshine to take pics, I'd only be posting twice a year - lol

Think I'm going to spend a day just playing with the camera and taking pics. I'll get it sorted.

Thanks for the tips.


Sidestreaker said...

I think the color scheme is looking great. Some do argue that the HW team has to be on the same base but as long as your community is ok with it, I guess its fine.

I hope to post up my platoon soon when its done as well. Hope to see more of your works.

Gavin Schofield said...

That's a really nice looking scheme you have going there, the black guards on the guns works especially well.