Thursday, 2 April 2009

Painting Points - Well, almost ;-)

Like quite a few, I've been taken with Lone Pirgrim's painting points system, although I've decided to do it a bit differently. You see, I know I'm a slow painter and to be honest, I'm not really bothered with comparing how quickly I paint to how quickly some one else does.

So, I had a chat with wifey, who's always going on about me getting more mini's and we've come to a deal. She doesn't mind me getting more models as long as I don't end up with more than I've got now. So, I've counted up the models I've got waiting to paint, this is what I've got waiting :-

4 Leman Russes
1 Hellhammer
3 Chimera's
1 Centaur
2 Sentinels
1 Vulture Gunship

So, usings the paints points system, I've got 130 points worth of vehicles waiting to be painted. Ok, now the troops :-

14 Cadian Officers
20 Cadian Specials (metals)
6 Cadian Heavy Weapon Squads (3pts each)
20 Storm Troopers
125 Cadian Guardsmen

10 Catachen Officers
27 Catachen Specials
7 Catachen Heavy Weapons Squads (3 pts each)
35 Catachen Guardsmen

2 Air defence Platforms (2 pts each)

Giving me a total of 274 painting points worth of models waiting. The grand total is 404 pts, so as long as this number gets lower by the new year, I'm ok getting the new shinny stuff in May!

Right, better get painting.


King's Standard Bearer said...

That is insane! You've got so much to be getting on with, good luck dude!

Craig @ cadian8th.blogspot

Admiral Drax said...


I do my painting points slightly differently. Because I'm so slow at painting and I have pretty much all I've needed, models-wise for over a year, my points are quite generous and convert to pounds for new purchases. If you click on the giant red and blue number on the left sidebar of my blog you'll go to an explanation.

The only trouble is that I'm the sole earner in our house and money's tight, so with the unusual exception of the £3 mini I got from eBay this week, I don't plan on actually spending any of my accumulated points soon - apart from the codex.

Mind you, guilty feelings aside, I may not be able to resist treating myself to one teeny-weeny valkyrie...we can always do without the wedding anniversary meal...!

- Drax.

Cawshis Clay said...

404 does that translate to the battlefield? You must have ~3000 points to field.

I'm in the same boat, though I'm afraid to total up the points. In SM vehicles alone, I probably have 200+ points...and I haven't even considered bikes and marines yet!

So yeah. Resolution: Paint them all before I indulge in Imperial Guard. But maybe I'll still treat myself to a Valkyrie. Gotta get one of those!