Wednesday, 18 March 2009

YouTube Vid - Earthworks tutorial

Well, I've spent the afternoon working on the earthworks youtube vid and I've had to split it into two halves. One, because YouTube only allows 10 minute vids and two, because I haven't filmed the sanding and sealing bit yet.

So, here's the next installment. This one covers working with polystyrene (stryofoam for you yanks) and covers the hotwire cutter and using templates to cut polystyrene. Hope you like it.

Please let me know what you think, good or bad. I should have the next video done for the weekend, if everything goes to plan. Right, I'm off to work on my command and heavy squads.


sovietspace said...

Ah this reminds me of Blue Peter and then some!

Great work mate, a really useful video. I've saved this link for future reference and I'm looking forward to the second instalment...

Admiral Drax said...


I was expecting a "here's one I made earlier" too.

- Drax.

Anonymous said...

Corbania Prime for the win!

the other Kevin said...

Great tutorial. Not only showing us how to do it, but added tips as well. Especially appreciate the card board guide idea; a bit embarrassed I hadn't thought to do that before seeing this. Thanks!

40kintheshed said...

Hi, i love the vids. Im just wondering wether there are going to be any more. If not please could you send me an email at explaining how you create texture and then, if im not already pushing your kindness to the limit, maybe you could include how you painted it aswell. Thanks for the help, ryan.

Col. Corbane said...

Hi Ryan,

I am planning to finish the vids, I just don't have access to my wifes editing suite at the moment.

If you want to finish it off basically, it's quite easy.

1. Mix a third pva with two third water. Then dip small pieces of newspaper into the mix and layer it onto the polystyrene. This forms a protective covering over the polystyrene. Make sure you completely cover it including the sides and back.

2. Once dry, give it a quick coat of pva and pour gravel onto it.

3. Once that's dry, pull a coat of the first mix over the gravel to set it.

4. To paint up, I'd recommend spraying it black, then drybrushing it scorched brown, then bestial brown and then bleach bone. After that, add some patches of pva and through some static grass on it. Keep these patches on the lower slope.

Hope that helps and if there's anything else, just ask mate