Friday, 30 October 2009

IG Veterans

Like the rest of the FTW community, I got Ron's email about the never leave at home unit, for me it's Veterans. Unfortunately, I haven't put together mine yet, so in the games I've had in the past, I've just used normal troops (The guy above was painted by my mate Tolcrothlogan). I'll be painting mine relatively soon after I get my mojo back.

So, what is it that lights me fire about veterans. Well, they get the job done. In truth, guard arn't the best fighters or shooters but with a bit of experience, they can do wonderful things. They're a ....

  1. 10 man squad, 
  2. that's a troop selection, 
  3. gets an improved BS 4, 
  4. can have a vox for rerolling oders tests,
  5. can have lasguns or assault shotguns, 
  6. can take 3 special weapons, 
  7. a heavy weapons team,
  8. can get an improved 4+ save, or +1 to cover saves and defensive mines, or melta bombs and a demo charge.
  9. can get another rentless, feel no pain heavy bolter whilst getting infiltrate, move through cover and stealth.
  10. or can get a vet sgt that can issue commanders orders on Ld 10 as well as been able to regroup regardless of the situation.
  11. can take a cheap chimera or mobile gun platform as I prefer to call it.
  12. could hop on a valk for some hellrazing.
Now, stop for a moment, then scroll back up and have another look at those options and have a play with combining a few and when you're done, come back. Go on, go now, scroll up :-)

Ah, now you're back, see what I mean, these guys can be customised to get any job done. The possibilities are endless, and they always do wonders for me. That's why they're the boys who never get left at home.

It's a bit hard to write a post about veterans this close to November the 11th without mentioning those who have fallen for our freedoms. To those who have gone....We Will Remember You.

Please support the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.


Anonymous said...

Respect to the fallen.

Sky Marshall Zaychek said...

Nice post, man. Lest we forget.

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
I think, that anything serious.