Wednesday 7 May 2014

IG Wyvern built and ready to paint

I've got my Wyvern put together and I've got to say, it's a very nice little kits. I love the look of it and it was a pleasure to put together. My only niggle is that the join between the disc the weapons are mounted on and the support arms is very swallow and sort of results in a bit of wobbly weapon syndrome. Other than that, it's great.

Obviously, I've added track guards which I had to cut down so they didn't interfere with the turret but that was a real easy job with a hobby saw and I definitely it improves the look of it. I also added a bit of battle damage and filled in the side panels so I could do ident patches.  

All I've got to do now is finish of my VL vets (they're half done) and then I can get stuck into it and get it on the table guys!


Monday 28 April 2014

The Corbanian 1st Roll Again

Hey guys, it's been a while ;o)

So, I'm not dead and I've not been absent from the hobby. In fact, I've been really busy doing terrain tutorials on my YouTube channel (TheTerrainTutor) but I've also been busy on the gaming front. I've actually been that busy doing hobby stuff, I've sort of neglected my beloved guard.

Anyway, a friend asked me to build and paint some Deadzone terrain for him, in return I got these goodies...

So I'm feverishly studying and preparing the latest addition to the Corbanian 1st. Have to say, I do like the wyvern model, fits nicely with my guard, anyway, more opinions on the new guard in due course. Obviously, I've been busy on the terrain front, these are some of the pieces I've recently build guys ....

There's more bits on my channel (TheTerrainTutor) if you're interested in terrain but I'll be keep this blog for my guard and Corben's growing ork force.

Glad to be blogging again guys, catch ya soon!


Tuesday 16 July 2013

Super Dungeon Explore - Big Rex

Let me introduce you to Big Rex, one of the two trolls that came with the Super Dungeon Explore boxset.

I really do like this guy, it's been ages since I've painted anything like this and I really enjoyed it. 

The paint scheme is virtually the same as the kobold warriors I posted earlier with the only main difference being that a selectively painted Agrax Earthshade into the recesses of the skin rather than doing a blanket wash over the skin.

The only other non-noticeable difference is that he's been given a couple of coats of gloss varnish before being de-shined with a coat of Matt varnish. With these models being handled by the kids and their friends, it makes sense to ensure they're well protected.

Anyway, here's Rex in all his glory ...

Hope you like him guys! 

And for you 40k fanatics, it is alive and well in the Corbanian household, keep your eyes peeled, I'll be posting those VL vets soon and then it will be time to tackle an age old challenge!

Tuesday 18 June 2013

The strange things that reside on our painting stations

Yeah, it's just a booty boo chest with paperclip legs, standing on an upside down heroquest goblin with its head in a lump of blue tack, that's all guys.


Wednesday 12 June 2013

Dettol - the hobbyists paint stripper

Let me introduce what I think is a damn fine paint stripper for wargamers, it's called dettol and it's an all purpose disinfectant. Now I've heard a lot about simple green but I'm damned if I can find any of it, I've also heard that fairy power spray is good for stripping models. To be honest, I couldn't tell you how good either of them are, and I'm probably not going to be able to tell you about them in the future because I'm sticking with Dettol from here on in.

It's really simply to use, just drop your models (metal or plastic - don't ask me about finecast, I don't buy that stuff!) into a suitable container like a drinks beaker and then pour in enough Dettol to cover them. Give them a swirl with an old tooth brush.

I left those metal snipers I got from eBay in for about two hours and after a quick scrub with an old toothbrush and then rinse it in water. 99% of the thickly applied paint came off in a matter of a minute's scrubbing and it's ready to be primed again.

A quick word of warning, I'm not going to say that Dettol doesn't damage plastic because it does. I put some SDE Kobold warriors in to strip after my wife had tried painting them and then I completely forgot about them. A week later, I pulled them out to find that the paint had stripped and the hard plastic model was perfectly fine but the model base which was made from softer plastic had melted as you can see in the pic.

So obviously over time Dettol does damage plastic but considering they'd been in a week and they only needed to be in for an hour, personally I don't see this as a problem, just something to watch out for.

Finally, another quick word of warning, Dettol seems to make the paint like a sticky tar substance which cleans off easily with Dettol but not soap and water. So make sure you wear gloves when handling them models and do it on a surface that's easy to clean gents!

Anyway, I'm off to strip some more models now I know how to!


EDIT - From the comments. Here's a list of other blog posts that cover different paint stripping fluids ...

If you've got a good relevant post, let me know in the comments and I'll get it added guys.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Kobold Warriors Paint Guide - Super Dungeon Explore

These guys are the first of the Super Dungeon Explore models I've painted and I have to admit, for a relatively simple painting scheme, these Kobold warriors have turned out really well. Since it's not my normal guard paint scheme and I'm likely to be getting more in the future, I thought it would be a good idea to detail the paints I've used. So, here they are ...

  • Primer - Halfords Light Grey
  • Bases - Base Adaptus Battle Grey
  • Skin - Base Foundation Mechrite Red, Drybrush Blood Red, then Blazing Orange, then Fiery Orange, Wash Baal Red
  • Teeth & Spines - Base Mournfang Brown, Layer Graveyard Earth, Layer Bleach Bone
  • Straps & Wood - Base Mournfang Brown
  • Armour & Blade - Base Gunbolt Metal
  • Eyes - Base Tausept Ochre, Layer Sunburst Yellow
  • Wash entire model with Agrax Earthshade, then drybrush bases with Codex Grey and then Fortress Grey. 
  • Relayer eyes, add Chaos Black pupil. 
  • Edge highlight metal with Gunbolt Metal. 
  • Rewash metal, cloth and spot edge define with Badab Black wash.
And there you have it guys, I hope you find it as useful as I'm hoping it will be to me in the future.