Friday, 31 July 2009

571 Infantry Company Command

At the moment, my company command squad is looking a little bare. There's only the commander and his chimera. I'm planning to pad it out with veterans, specialists and advisers.

Long term, I've got quite big plans for the company. I'm planning to build it up to a full infantry company with four platoons. The first will be a veteran platoon made up of 5 veteran squads and a command squad. The second and third will be standard infantry platoons, the 2nd platoon are almost finished already. The fourth final platoon will be a support platoon made up of heavy weapons.

It may seem strange to have such grand plans, but I'm looking at how the army will grow over the next 6 years or so. I figure that's how long it'll take them to redo the codex. This sort of idea may be a bit alien to some of you out there, but I've been in the hobby for over two decades so far. Guard weren't my first army, I have quite a few for both 40k and fantasy as well as quite a bit of specialist stuff. But I do love my guard, and I figure I'm going to be playing with them until I get old, so I figure I've got another three decades at least ahead of me.

I'd better get painting ...

571 Infantry Company - 2nd Platoon

2nd platoon came into being after reading some of the rumoured pre release rules of the new codex. The idea of a whole platoon, over 100 men making up a single troop choice just amazed me so much, I had to do one. I decided that I didn't want conscript, as the Corbanian 1st are a professional army. I've nearly completed the platoon, I only need to do two more heavy weapons squad and another ten man squad. The heavy weapons teams are sitting on my painting station primed and ready as I type this.

Command Squad


Flamer Support Squad
Grenade Launcher Support Squad
1st Sqaud
2nd Squad

3rd Squad

4th Squad

Missile Launcher Squad

Mortar Squad

Heavy Bolter Squad

754 Armoured Support Company

My hellhound squadron. I wanted three because my force is city themed and under the old codex rules, these things rocked in city fight. In the new rules, they're still pretty good. Long term, i'm going to add three more of the new variants and then three salamander scout vehicles building it into a fast support company.

152 Armoured Assault Company

Da Tanks, there's nothing more glorious than a tank formation on the move. Long term plans for this company include adding another 6 variants to fill it out to 9 before adding a modified command tank.

I've already done quite a bit on the next demolisher and I've got the bits from forgeworld to make either an executioner or a vanquisher after that.

621 Sentinel Support Company

My cityfight sentinel tank hunter squadron. These guys are great at sneaking around ruined cities snipping shots at the flanks of enemy armour. Long term goal for this company will be to add another 3 armoured sentinels and then another three sentinels but I'm not sure how to kit them. I don't think I'm going to need to be worrying about it any time soon.

079 Storm Trooper Company

The glory boys, my storm troopers. When I originally came up for the list for my force, it was mechanised and so my two troop slots were taken up with storm troopers in chimeras. With the new codex, the chimeras have been passed on the infantry company and these boys are going to be mounted in valkyries.

My long term goal will be to build the company up to 5 squads of ten, led by a commissar lord all mounted in valkyries, but I'm a long way off from that, at the moment, I've got a command squad and two complete squads.

Company Command Squad
First Squad
Second Squad

Corbanian 1st - Mustered for WAR!

Introducing the Corbanian 1st, a specialised urban combat force comprised of elements from various companies mustered for war in Angels square.

Comprising of elements of :-

571 Infantry Company - Company Commander (front centre).
571 Infantry Company - 2nd Platoon (front right).
079 Storm Trooper Company - HQ and 2 squads (front left).
621 Sentinel Support Company - 1 Sentinel Sqn (rear centre).
152 Armoured Assault Company - 1 Leman Russ Sqn (rear left).
754 Armoured Support Company - 1 Hellhound Sqn (rear right).

More pics coming soon guys.


Thursday, 30 July 2009

Thoughts on the latest guard releases

Well, I've picked up the latest WD and I've been looking through the articles and I must say, it's a cracking issue. The planetary empires articles are really good, I might have to pick it up.

Now, I think I've spotted the new storm troopers in one of the guard articles. I can't say for sure, I'm no expert but if they are the new ones, I really like the look of them. The tanks however have me concerned. In one of the design articles about the new tanks, they said that they've reduced the number of sprues whilst putting more on them. Thing is, I've noticed, there's no track guards, or any sign of the tank accessory sprue on the new releases.

Now, this might not seem a big thing, but it is for me. All my vehicles have identification panels on the front right hand track guard, all nine of them (Have a look here). Also, I pile my vehicles with kit and that's on the accessory sprue as well. I'm going to have to spent £8 extra per tank to keep my theme whether I buy the sprue or the bits from a bits store. I'm a bit gutted but overall, I am really pleased with all the recent guard releases, they've really improved the range and I'm loving playing the new codex.

On the hobby front, I've gone and put my foot right in it. I offered my little lads teacher my skills as a amateur model maker. We'd been chatting about a display they had for the Arctic which was pretty poor. So, she said, can you do towns and stuff? Sure I said and now I'm tasked to make three 4'x2' boards representing town, village and countryside. I'll post some pics as I get on, and trust me, before the school gets them, they're going to be used for a bloody tank battle. Coming from a small village, I can just picture an ork mob tearing up the street past the post office to storm the village hall - pmsl.

I have had a little time for painting and the hellhammer is almost finished, it's so close, it's driving me nuts. If I could just get an afternoon or an evening, I'd get it done. Hopefully, I'll be posting pics of it really soon. I'm also going to start to post more pics of the units I've done so far. I want to build up a set of links to my units Drax system in the right hand column.

Let me know what you think of the storm trooper pics, I'd love to know if they're the new ones.


Monday, 20 July 2009

Bits and Bobs

Hobby time is still short but I've managed to get a bit more done. First off, I've put together two more heavy weapons squads for 2nd platoon. Sorry about the pics, the light just hasn't been right today and I wanted to get something posted. I think I'm going to have to look at setting up a lightbox. Anyway, the pics .....

I've also been working on the Hellhammer. I've added a bit more detail and started working on the battle damage. I can actually see this getting finished sometime soon - phew!

I've got a quiet weekend coming this weekend, so hopefully, I'll get the Hellhammer finished for next week.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More for the command squad

Sorry I've been silent for a while. Life has got very hectic and I've had very little time for blogging or anything 40k related at all. I'm itching to get a game and I'm seriously considering drive 80 miles to mates to get one.

Anyway, I have managed to do a little more on my hellhammer, all the metallics are now done and it's time to start the battle damage. I've also completed the three extra models for 2nd platoons command squad. Sorry about the pics, I'll get some better ones done once I've finished the platoon. Only two heavy weapons squads and a troop squad to go :-)

That's another 3 off the painting points, I'm getting there slowly.