Monday, 28 April 2014

The Corbanian 1st Roll Again

Hey guys, it's been a while ;o)

So, I'm not dead and I've not been absent from the hobby. In fact, I've been really busy doing terrain tutorials on my YouTube channel (TheTerrainTutor) but I've also been busy on the gaming front. I've actually been that busy doing hobby stuff, I've sort of neglected my beloved guard.

Anyway, a friend asked me to build and paint some Deadzone terrain for him, in return I got these goodies...

So I'm feverishly studying and preparing the latest addition to the Corbanian 1st. Have to say, I do like the wyvern model, fits nicely with my guard, anyway, more opinions on the new guard in due course. Obviously, I've been busy on the terrain front, these are some of the pieces I've recently build guys ....

There's more bits on my channel (TheTerrainTutor) if you're interested in terrain but I'll be keep this blog for my guard and Corben's growing ork force.

Glad to be blogging again guys, catch ya soon!