Monday, 30 November 2009

November Parade Ground recruits

Here's this months additions to The Parade Ground bloglist. There's not many this month, mainly because I haven't had time to seek out any myself, so these are just the blogs who've requested to join the bloglist.

I Love Yellow Paint - a painters blog who's got some excellent guard stuff. His empire guard conversions are well worth checking out

Elotsip's Warhammer Blog - a guard blog dedicated to traitor guard. Full of excellent conversions that are very well painted. Well worth a look.

17th Traitor Mech - another traitor dedicated guard blog that's got some excellent Rogue Trader stuff.

Ultrawerke - a blog full of outstanding conversions, check out the must see manticore.

The Emperor Protects - another dedicated guard blog that's got everything from list building to model building.

The Icarus 5th - finally another blog dedicated to all things guard. Check out the night vision goggles tutorial, it's inspired.

That's it for this month guys, if you have a blog or know of a blog that's packed with guard goodness, then let me know and I'll get it on the list.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Life returns to normal

Well, little miss has been let out of hospital as she's doing much better. She still has to go back everyday for her IV meds but for the time being, we're back to normal. So, it's a sunday afternoon hobby session for us. Hopefully I'll be posting pics of my ambulance soon and a special tutorial for you all.

Finally, a big thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and include us in their prayers, we do appreciate it. Thanks guys ......... right, papa mache calls ;-)

Friday, 27 November 2009

Real life throws me a curve ball again

Well, I was supposed to be painting an ambulance these past couple of days, instead I've been riding in one. My little miss was rushed into hospital on Wednesday night with Meningitis. Don't worry, she's doing well now but she'll be in for a bit longer. I'll be honest, I've been in some pretty scary situations, but I've never been that scared.

Anyway, I've got a night at home before I take over from my wife. Obviously, I might not be around for a while, but I will return soon. In the meantime, we're all taking antibiotics the size of horse pills and my pee has turned bright orange - lol

Right, I'm off to grab some sleep, catch ya laters guys.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Autocanon team

Finished off the autocanon team for 2nd platoon last night, that leaves me with the lascanon team and a 10 man squad to finish off 2nd platoon. I can't believe I've almost painted a hundred guardsmen.

Work on the ambulance continues and hopefully, I'll have it done for the weekend. I've already started on another small conversion project which I'll be showing off soon, if I can pull it off ;-)

Finally, does anyone have a biker base spare? I only need one and I'm loathed to buy a pack and postage from GW just for one base. I've got plenty of bits I can trade or a bit of cash via paypal if you want. Please drop me a line at if you can help - Thanks

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

It's an ambulance

Yep, Gorefest got it right (Tol - you already knew!), it's my chimera ambulance. I've added the stretchers now and it's pretty clear what it is. The stretchers are just cut down cocktail sticks with baby wipes wrapped around them.

Ambulances hold a special place in my heart as I served as a medic in the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC). Here's a few pics just of some of the ambulances that have been in service in the British army in the past decade. First off, we have the old long wheel base Land Rover 3/4 tonne ambulance. I learned to drive in one of these.


Next up we have the larger 1 tonnes Land Rover. I actually did my civilian test in one of these as the 3/4 tonne was off road one the day of the test. The lady examiner was very impressed if you know what I mean ;-)

The FV 432 - an all round apc which serves as everything from a command vehicle to a mortar platform. Seriously fun to drive.



FV-104 - Samaritan



 Finally. we have the Swedish import, the Viking.

Check out the stowage on the FV 432 (the second one)

That's enough of the pics, I hope you liked my little homage to Brit army ambulances. I'm off to get my own painted up.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Can you guess what this is?

I picked up a "painted" chimera in a trade at my local club. It was a bit damaged, it had lost it's lasguns and the turret wasn't quite right. So I wondered what else it could be used for and an idea popped into my head. I've done a bit of work on it, just a little more to do.

I've filed off the turret mount and lasguns mounts, added a vent, stowage, antenna, search light, tow hooks and stowage hoops. I've got a little more work to do on it, but it's 95% there. So, can you guess what this is going to be?

Work continues on my autocannon squad, they're almost done now, just got to do their black armour and I'll be starting on the lascannon squad. Going on campaign continues to grow, although I'm needing pics of campaign maps, so if any of you can help, drop me a line.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The break is over!

Well, my self enforced painting break is over, it's only been two weeks but I'm feeling refreshed and gagging to pick up my paintbrush and get stuck in. I've got a few things that I want to get finished. I've got two heavy weapon squads and a ten man squad to finish 2nd platoon and then an executioner to finish my armoured company. I've also go a few other bits and bobs to do as well. To be honest, I'll be glad to get some hobby content on the blog as well as these past two weeks have been a bit filler'ish.

Going on Campaign is going well, it's got 34 followers so far with the help of Drax and Ron - thanks guys. I'm just hoping the Bols guys left the three month rule slide for the project, so I can get it listed on the Alliance. On Bols, my nids made it as the Pic of the Day today, and it's generated quite a few comments.

Right I'm off to do a couple hours painting and then, depending on how the old grey matter is, I might even get another page done for GoC.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My latest madness

Well, with my forced break from painting, I've been busy on my latest project. It's a living rulebook and source guide for campaigning in 40k. I've already got quite a bit done and would love your input.

It's a long term project, so hopefully it'll grow into something special with your help over time. If you want to swap links on blogrolls, drop me a line with your address and I'll get it added.

Remembrance Sunday

We will remember them.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


When I first got back in to the hobby 7 years ago, it was by painting a genestealer I found whilst looking for a cable for the tv. At the time, everything was piled in a small box room along with all the other stuff that just didn't fit in our tiny house. Some more digging found the rest of the squad and some paint. One year later I had this.

I played Tyranids for quite a while and just loved the hoard approach. The entire force is made up of .....

3 Hive Tyrants
3 Tyrant guard
11 Warriors
36 Genestealers
120 Hormaguants
54 Guants
6 Ravenors
3 Zoanthropes
3 Carnifexes
2 Biovores
Red White Terror
6 Ripper swarms
Scythed Hierodule
Barded Hierodule

Giving a grand total of 7000pts 'ish. Here's some close ups ...

And finally, here's the one and only model my wife has painted. She did it in an hour and it's her first time painting. Doesn't it gut you when the wife is a better painter than you and has no interest whatsoever in painting any more.