Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Autocanon team

Finished off the autocanon team for 2nd platoon last night, that leaves me with the lascanon team and a 10 man squad to finish off 2nd platoon. I can't believe I've almost painted a hundred guardsmen.

Work on the ambulance continues and hopefully, I'll have it done for the weekend. I've already started on another small conversion project which I'll be showing off soon, if I can pull it off ;-)

Finally, does anyone have a biker base spare? I only need one and I'm loathed to buy a pack and postage from GW just for one base. I've got plenty of bits I can trade or a bit of cash via paypal if you want. Please drop me a line at if you can help - Thanks


CylonDave said...

Nice work, I see your not a fan of the 60mm based weapons teams. Those bases look a little different, are they resin?

Admiral Drax said...

Keep it up there!

Sorry I can't help with the bike base :-(

- D.

Cannonfodder said...

100 is a number! Congrats!

Hal'jin said...

Nice and clean! I like them. :)

Oh look, you've got yourself your very own viagra ad, isn't it cute!

Col. Corbane said...

Cheers guys.

@Dave - they're just the standard 40mm bases mate.

@Hal - damn spammers! lol