Sunday, 28 February 2010

MyBattalion - Tabletop Wargaming Social Network is a gamers Facebook, specifically designed by gamers to provide a place for players of all the different tabletop games to get together online. I first registered way back in April last year when they first went live and the site has come on leaps and bounds since then.

Well, I few days ago, the MB team dropped me a line to see if I'd like to come on board as a regular contributor, and how could I refuse. So, I've joined up with the MB guys, and hopefully, you'll be see some on my hobby stuff on the site soon.

In the meantime, I highly suggest nipping over to the site and registering, you could be finding new gaming buddies around the corner in no time! You'll find me at ....

So, if you do join up, have a look at my profile and send me a friend request, I'm always looking for new online buddies and gaming buddies if you're anywhere near North Wales.

Friday, 26 February 2010

2nd Platoon - 571 Infantry company

It started out as an idea, just a little over a year ago, but I've finally finished it. So guys, here's 2nd Platoon of 571 Infantry company....

In total, there's 100 guardsmen comprising of a command squad, 2 special weapon squads, 5 heavy weapon squads and 5 infantry squads. There's no conscripts, the Corbanian 1st is a professional army! There's close up's of 2nd platoon in their last muster pic here.

I can't actually believe I've finished it, it seems like I've been painting bog standard guardsmen forever. Now that they're done, I've just got a few bits and bobs to finish up the existing projects and I'll be ready to start my 2010 projects, more on those in a future blog guys.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Smurf killer - Executioner wip

Well, if the smurf loving players at the club didn't like my Marbo, then they're going to hate this!

This nasty beasty will knock out 5 plasma blast templates per shooting phase and will have those glory boys who strut about in power armour diving for cover at the mere mention of it - hehehe!

The turret itself is the old style Forge World one, I'm not really much for the new plastic one, it's a bit too phallic for my liking. When the turret originally arrived way back in May last year (yes, I do tend to sit on things for a while) it had obviously had a bit of a casting accident and the two halves had slipped. Forge World did replace it without question (Go FW!) but I wondered after a while if I could rescue it.

Personally, I think I've managed to pull it off, but I had to rebuild the mounting rim and the back ammo storage lockers. I had to use a bit of plasticard for the back panel as the slip was really obvious there and I need a smooth back panel for the tank's identity flash. I'll get primed over the weekend, and I should hopefully have it finished in a couple of weeks, pics coming soon guys.

Monday, 22 February 2010

HQ Section - 571 Infantry company

It's taken a while, but I've finally got all the the HQ section of 571 Infantry company together for a muster pic. So, here you go .....

That's all of them complete, so there will be no more added to them in the future. The command section consists of the standard commander with a selection of vets depending on the game situation. The squads got two plasma gunners, two melta gunners, the commissar, voxcaster, the company standard bearer and the squad medic.

There's also Marbo attached to the section as he doesn't take orders from anyone but the boss, in truth, he only takes requests from the boss but he gets the job done and so the Colonel doesn't mind. Also attached are the company advisers that I kitbashed up, along with the escort sentinel halftrack and the HQ sections chimera ride.

For more pics of the attached units, take a look at these posts ....

Marbo - He's only one man! - (WIP)
Halftrack sentinel standin - (WIP)
Alternative advisers - (WIP)
Commander and Chimera
Command veterans (Vox, banner, medic)
Spec Ops liaison (Commissar)

So, that's it for the command section of 571 Infantry company, 2nd platoon coming real soon.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Got my painting mojo back!

Well, the cravings have subsided, and I'm finding it easier to sit at the painting table. I finished of the last troopers for 2nd platoon. I've done a few voxcasters for my current squads and the various guys to finish off the last squad.

With those guys done, I'll be posting muster pics in a separate post later. Must admit, they do look good all mustered up but then they have taken almost a year to finish!

Now I've got my painting mojo back, I'm going to crack on with the few projects I've got to get finished before starting this years projects. I've got a few bits to do on the field ambulance project and I've got an executioner half built on the painting station, once that's done I'll have finished the armoured company and I'll be ready to start my veteran platoon and the naval beach assault force.

It's good to be back, I did feel the blog was getting a bit too wordy lately!

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bloggers rant - b****y comment boxes!

I'm b****y p****d off! I've just spent fifteen minutes typing a comment of someone's blog and I can't b****y post it.

Right, this one is aimed at all you guys who have those fancy templates and word verification on their comments box. Now, I know that because it's your blog, you don't need word verification and so might not be aware of this, but let me take you on a little journey as a visitor to your blog ....

You come across a great blog, you'd like to leave a comment and go to the comment box .......

So, you start typing up your comments and click 'post comment' and you get this ...........

So, how the f*^% am I supposed to post my comment?????

There's no way of telling if the word verification is on or not before you try to post your comment, and so I'm not going even try in future. To all you fancy template blog owners, go to your blog and change the post as to anonymous, you'll see what I mean.

So, if you've been wondering why your great looking blog hasn't been getting any comments, there ya go. Do us all a favour, either don't embed the comments in a frame, use a link to the comments instead or ditch the word verification. Us visitors really do want to comment on your cool stuff!

Bloggers rant over, normal service has resumed.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Taking the test, come mark me!

As you know, I've been on a bit of learning the rules mission lately, so when SpikeyBits posted the Grand Tournament rules exam, I just knew that I'd have to give it a go. I can honestly say that between first seeing the post and posting this blog, I haven't looked at the rulebook at all. I figure if I want to know how well I know the rules, I'd better do the test properly, otherwise what's the point in taking it.

My answers are below, I really encourage you to mark me and point out where I've got it wrong. Right, now for the test ....

1. When models in one unit move at different speeds, how far can the unit move?
  • a. All models in the unit may move no further than the speed of the fastest model.
  • b. The models in the unit move at their individual speeds (as long as they maintain coherency).
  • c. All models in the unit may move no further than the speed of the slowest model.
C - at the rate of the slowest model.

2. If you roll a six sided die to get a D3 result, and you rolled a ‘4’ on the six sided die, what would the result equate to?
  • a. 1
  • b. 2
  • c. 3
B - 2, take the result, divide by 2 and round up.

3. What is the most important rule of Warhammer 40,000?
  • a. If in doubt, roll a d6
  • b. The loudest player is always right
  • c. Have fun
C - Have fun - I live by it.

4. If you fire the main gun from a Basilisk Artillery to an enemy unit, what should you measure from (on the Basilisk) to determine if you are in range to the enemy unit?
  • a. The closest edge of the Basilisk to the enemy model
  • b. The tip of the gun barrel to the enemy model
  • c. The center of the Basilisk to the enemy model
B - From the tip of the weapon.

5. Can you mount a Space Marine Dreadnought on a 25mm round base?

No, it has to be mounted on the base it came on, plus it wouldn't fit!

6. Can you mount a Space Marine on a 50mm base?

No, see above.

7. What are the 3 main types of terrain? (Please circle the correct answers)
Answer: Clear - Individual - Difficult - Area - Dangerous - Impassable.

Clear, Difficult, Impassable - Terrain is classed as it effects movement.

8. Can a vehicle count as being in cover if it is in a wood?

Only if the wood obscures 50% of the hull.

9. How many dice do you roll when you move a unit of 5 infantry through woods?

2D6 and pick the highest.

10. How many dice do you roll when you move a unit of 5 Bikes through woods?

2D6 and pick the highest.

11. How many dice do you roll when a vehicle moves 12” through woods?

2, 1 for every 6" or partof.

12. How many dice do you roll when a unit of 5 Cavalry moves through woods?

3D6 and pick the highest

13. If a unit wishes to move into a wooded area (5” away from the closest model) and they roll their difficult terrain check. (rolling a maximum move of 4”) do they…
  • a.Move up to the edge of the woods (5” of clear movement), but can not go in since this would put them further into the woods than they would have rolled.
  • b.Move their maximum move (6”) up to and into the woods, since they didn’t go further than 4” through the woods itself.
  • c.Move no more than 4” since that is the highest result rolled, even though they didn’t go into the woods.
C - this represents them moving cautiously towards the woods.

14. If a unit wishes to move into a wooded area (5” away from the closest model) and they roll their difficult terrain check. (rolling a maximum move of 4”) and they decide to stay put instead (moving 0”) Can they fire their heavy weapon since they didn’t move any models in that unit?

No, if you roll, you count as moving even if you choose not to move the models after you roll.

15. When one of your models must pass a Toughness check. What do you do?
  • a.Roll 1d6 and compare it to the models toughness; to succeed you have to roll equal to or more than your toughness characteristic.
  • b.Roll 1d6 and compare it to the models toughness, to succeed you have to roll less than you toughness characteristic.
  • c.Roll 1d6 and compare it to the models toughness, to succeed you have to roll equal or lower than your toughness characteristic.
  • d.Roll 1d6 and compare it to the models toughness, to succeed you have to score higher than your toughness characteristic.
C - equal or lower on characteristic tests

16. (T/F) A model may move through friendly intervening models.

True - Only if their base would fit through the gap.

17. What save is allowed by the following cover types:
  • Razor Wire: ____6+
  • Wrecks: ____4+
  • Woods: ____ 4+
  • Ruins: ____4+
  • High grass: ____5+
  • Bunkers: ____3+
18. If a unit of Space Marines moves 6” in the movement phase, what is the furthest distance they may shoot with their bolters? (Rapid Fire, 24” max range)

12" as they must remain still to shoot at maximum range with rapid fire weapons

19. If a Space Marines Sergeant moves 1” in the movement phase, and the rest of the unit stayed still, what is the furthest distance they may shoot with their Bolters? (Rapid Fire, 24” max range)

12" as the whole unit counts as moving even if only one model moved.

20. (T/F) If a unit loses coherency due to casualties, it may stay where it is and act normally as long as it does not move, but if it does move, they must move back into coherency.)

False, units must move into coherency as soon as possible unless pinned, gone to ground etc.

21. You fire a Melta-Gun (Assault 1, 12” range) at an enemy unit (within 6”). Do you still get a bonus attack if you charge into them in the Assault phase?

Yes, it's an assault weapon, so you may still assault and the bonus attack isn't dependant of shooting, the assault is (ie no assault for units firing rapid fire weapons)

22. If you opt to only fire a Bolter (Rapid Fire, 24” max range) weapon once at an enemy unit (within 6”), may you then assault them in the Assault phase?

No, see above.

23. A Rending Weapon scores an automatic wound with no armor save allowed on:
  • a.A roll to wound of 6 (regardless of the model’s toughness)
  • b.A roll to hit of 6 (regardless of their BS)
  • c.A roll to hit of 6 followed by another roll of 6
  • d.A roll to wound of 6 followed by another 6
A - rending on a 6 to wound only.

24. When removing casualties from a flamer template you:
  • a.Remove wounded models from under the template
  • b.Remove wounded models from anywhere in the unit, only as long as they are in range of the flamer weapon.
  • c.Remove wounded models from anywhere in the unit even if they lay further out than the range of the flamer, as long as you have line of sight.
  • d.Remove wounded models from anywhere in the unit even if they lay further out than the range of the template.
D - casualty removal is down to the owning player and not dependant on template position so that templates can't be used to take out specific models such as sgt's with power fists etc.

25. A unit of Space Marines rapid fires at a unit consisting of 5 Orks (T 4, sv 6) and 6 Grots (T2, sv -). The Marines score 8 hits with their Bolt Guns (Str 4, AP 5) on the unit. What happens next?
  • a.You roll 6 of the 8 hits against the T2 Grots since they are in the majority, and the remaining 2 hits against the T4 Orks. So you would need 6 rolls of 2+ and the remaining rolls need a 4+ to wound.
  • b.You roll all of the wounds against the T2 Grots since they are in the majority, so you would need 2’s with all of your rolls.
  • c.You roll all of the wounds against the T4 Orks since they are in the majority, so you would need 4’s with all of your rolls.
  • d.You don’t even need to roll since the AP of your Bolt Guns are better than their armor save. (AP 5 vs. the Orks save of 6)
B - majority rules, only go for highest T if no majority.

26. If a Krak Missile (Str 8, Ap 3) wounds a Space Marine (sv 3+) does he get to make an armor save?

No - AP's equal to or lower than armour save allow no save.

27. What if a unit of 5 Space Marines (T4, sv 3) has 3 models of the squad is in cover, and 2 are in the open. They take 3 Krak missile (Str 8, ap 3). What happens?
  • a.You would allocate the first two hits against the marines out of cover, since the AP = their armor save, they are removed automatically. Then 1 other Marine would get a cover save that is appropriate for the cover he is in.
  • b.You would allocate the wounds, then get to make 3 Cover saves against all of the AP3 shots, since the majority of the models are in cover.
  • c.You would remove 3 Marines since the AP = their armor save, they are removed automatically. No one gets a cover save if the entire unit isn’t in cover.
  • d.You would get to make 3 normal saves against all of the AP3 shots, since the AP of the weapon isn’t lower than the Marines armor save (3+).
B - majority rules regards to cover and applies to the whole unit.

28. If a Space Marine Chaplain (Sv 3+/Inv sv 4+) gets wounded by a Heavy Bolter (Ap 4) shot.
  • a.The Chaplain gets to make one saving throw either 3+ or his Invulnerable 4+.
  • b.The Chaplain gets to make a 3+ armor saving throw, followed by his invulnerable 4+ saving throw IF he fails his armor roll.
  • c.The Chaplain only gets to make a 3+ armor saving throw only, Since the Ap 4 of the heavy bolter equals his invulnerable save (4+).
A - you make one save and always get invulnerable saves regardless of weapon ap etc.

29. If a unit is already pinned. Does it have to make a morale test for taking 25% casualties at the end of the shooting phase?

No - pinning overrides morale tests

30. (T/F) A unit only ever makes one Morale check in a phase for pinning.

False, a unit can be force to take multiple pinning tests from fire from different units.

31. (T/F) A unit only ever makes one Morale check in a turn for 25% casualties.

True - I think, but it's a bit of a guess!

32. If a unit of Space Marines hits an enemy unit with 2 Frag Missile Rounds (burst), you would resolve the hits how?
  • a.You place one template catching as many models as possible, covered models are auto hits and partials are hit on a 4+. After this first template has been resolved and casualties have been removed work out the next template and so on.
  • b.You place one template, putting one model under the hole, covered models are auto hits and partials are hit on a 4+. After this first template has been resolved and casualties have been removed work out the next template and so on.
  • c.You place one template, centering one model under the hole, models touched are auto hits. After this first template has been resolved for the number of hits, multiply that number by the number of templates, in this case two.
Not sure on this one as arn't partials out in 5ed? I thought that you place the template anywhere (not centred on one model) work out the hit, then place the second in the same way to work out the total hits before rolling to wound and working out casualties.

33. If a model has a combination of wargear that both add to and multiply one of its characteristics:
  • a.Multiply the basic value and add the extra points.
  • b.Add the extra points to the basic value then multiply the total.
  • c.You may only have one effect on any one of your characteristics, so you pick the best benefit to you.
A - Multiply then add!

34. In an Assault, a unit kills all models in their 2” kill zone; the enemy then fails their morale check and flees combat. Can the victor sweeping advance into them?

Yes, if the can get higher or equal to in a roll of I + D6

35. If a unit that is fleeing gets charged by the enemy…
  • a.The charging unit destroys the fleeing unit automatically
  • b.The fleeing unit must make an immediate fall back roll again, if they do not get far enough away, they are destroyed.
  • c.The fleeing unit must make an immediate morale check to regroup, if they fail they are destroyed. Otherwise they regroup and fight as normal.
  • d.The fleeing unit must make an immediate morale check (no modifyers), if they fail they are destroyed. Otherwise they fight in HtH as normal.
  • e.The charging unit locks them into HtH but gets no charging bonus.
  • f.The charging unit locks them in HtH and gets their charge bonus.
F - failing back units automatically regroup if charged.

36. If a victorious unit consolidates into a nearby enemy.
  • a.The units are locked in HtH and it is treated as a charge.
  • b.The units are locked in HtH and it is not treated as a charge.
  • c.The units are not locked in HtH and are free to move away before the next round of HtH combat.
  • d.The victorious unit may not consolidate into HtH.
I thought you couldn't consolidate into another combat? I'm starting to think this is a 4ed test!

37. When fighting multiple combats (i.e. one unit fighting two or more enemy units) to determine the loser you:
  • a.Determine wounds inflicted and received on each unit separately and then have each unit make a morale check separately.
  • b.Determine wounds inflicted and received total and then have each unit make a morale check separately.
B - totals apply (I think)

38. When fighting multiple combats (i.e. one unit fighting two or more enemy units) and one side has unit(s) that flee, you:
  • a.If the victorious units are now unengaged, they make one sweeping advance roll to compare to all of the fleeing unit totals.
  • b.If the victorious units are now unengaged, they make a sweeping advance roll to compare to each of the fleeing units separately.
  • c.The victorious units make one sweeping advance roll to compare to all of the fleeing unit totals.
  • d.The victorious units make a sweeping advance roll to compare to each of the fleeing units separately.
B - I +D6 depends on the units I value and so may be different, therefore two tests.

39. When is a unit considered to be ‘off’ the table?
  • a.When one or more models in the unit fully move beyond the edge of the table
  • b.When the entire unit crosses the edge of the table
  • c.When one or more model edge’s goes over but doesn’t completely cross the edge of the table
C - anyone touches the table edge and your gone.

40. If an Independent character assaults with a unit and is in the 2” of a friendly modle in base to base, but not in base to base themselves, can he participate in the combat?

No, he must be in base to base to take part in the combat.

41. (T/F) A Monstrous Creature can re-roll difficult terrain checks.

Monstrous creatures ignore difficult terrain, so no test to reroll.

42. What is the maximum strength of a defensive weapon?

Strength 4 (I hate that rule)

43. Which of the following weapons would remove a Space Marine Captain (4 toughness, 3 wounds, and a save of 3+) due to instant death? (circle all that apply)
  • a.A Plasma Gun (Str: 7, Ap 2)
  • b.A Krak Missile (Str: 8, AP 3)
  • c.A Las Cannon (Str: 9, AP 2)
  • d.An Assault Cannon (Str: 6, AP 4) (with a rending result)
B & C - Double strength for ID, AP equal or lower for no save.

44. (T/F) A vehicle moves less than 6” and is destroyed; the passengers are wounded on a roll of 4+ and must make a normal pinning check.

Errm ... this is definitely a 4ed test. If a vehicle explodes, all models within D6" take a S4 wound otherwise no need to roll for wounds, eg - destroyed results.

45. (T/F) A vehicle that is stunned (may not move or shoot) cannot use smoke launchers.

False, vehicles may always use smoke launchers but only once.

46. You defeat a fearless unit in hand to hand combat (by 2 more wounds) and outnumber him 3:1. How many additional wounds does he suffer?

2 wounds, he takes the difference for not been able to break off.

47. Can a character detach from a fleeing squad he had joined?

No, if he was in for the fight, he's in for the flight!

48. Can a character charge out of a friendly squad he had joined by himself?

No, if he didn't move away in the movement phase, then he's with them until the next movement phase when he can choose to move away if he wants.

49. An Imperial Guard infantry squad is reduced below 50% from shooting and flees. Do they get to regroup at the beginning of your next turn?

No, no regrouping below half strength.

50. Circle the vehicle types you may assault out of the turn the vehicle moved.
  • Chimeras
  • Skimmers
  • Open topped
  • Fast
  • Land Raiders
Open topped and those land raiders with the flak thingies.

51. If a model rapid fires twice with a Plasma Gun (gets hot), what will it overheat on?

A roll of 1 on either or both dice.

52. What is the penetration roll for a sniper rifle? And is it possible for it to to a penetrating hit on a rhino (AV 11)

S3 plus D6 plus another D6 if first was a 6 due to rending. Maximum 15, so hell yes!

53. Can a melta gun (Str 8, Ap 1) penetrate a land raider (av 14) at 12” (max range)?

No, it'll get a glancing hit on a 6, but needs to be within 6" for the extra D6.

54. Space Marines (In 4) charge Dark Eldar (In 5) while the Eldar are in woods area terrain. What initiative do the Dark Eldar strike on? (no one has grenades for this example)

Not sure about what initiative but pretty sure the DE go first. I think they count as having I10 with being in cover.

55. As above, but what initiative do the Space Marines strike on?

They strike on I4 - I think!

56. A Rhino troop transport armed only with a storm bolter is struck on its front armor (11) by a las cannon (S9). The roll to penetrate is a 2. On the appropriate damage chart a 5 rolled. On the subsequent turn an auto-cannon (S7) hits the Side armor (11). The roll to penetrate is a 5. On the appropriate damage chart a 3 is rolled. On the third turn a chaos marine armed with a bolter hit the rear armor (10) of the rhino with is bolter (S4) and rolls a 6 to penetrate. On the appropriate damage chart a 5 is rolled. What happens to the rhino.

Definitely 4ed test, there's only one damage chart now. So, S9 + 2 = glancing hit, -2 on damage chart. 5 becomes 3 - weapon destroyed (I think). Second turn, penerating hit, no other weapons, so immobilised. Third turn doesn't count since no weapons and immobilised counts as destroyed. 

57. Perils of the warp. If a psyker rolls a 2 to engage a psychic power, what happens?
  • a.The power does not go off.
  • b.The power goes off.
  • c.The power does not go off and the psyker takes a str d6 hit, with no save allowed of any kind.
  • d.The power does go off and the psyker takes a wound, with no armor save allowed, invulnerable saves must be re-rolled
4ed? Power goes off but psyker takes a wound from Perils of the Warp.

58. In the assault phase, a unit with jump packs wants to assault into woods…
  • a.They roll for difficult terrain and may only make an assault move if they have rolled well enough to contact an enemy model.
  • b.They are placed into assault with any models that are within 6” of them and each jump pack trooper must make a dangerous terrain check.
  • c.They roll for difficult terrain and move that distance even if it is not enough to get them into base to base contact.
  • d.They roll 2d6 and move the total distance rolled into contact with the enemy.
  • e.They roll for difficult terrain and may only make an assault move if they have rolled well enough to contact an enemy model. Each model that goes into the woods, will trigger a dangerous terrain check.
Errrm .... dangerous terrain tests only apply to the movement phase for jump troops as in assault, they run on foot. So, they'd roll D6 and if they make contact, assault is initiated, if not, they don't move.

59. If a rhino attempts to move through woods at a speed of 7” and rolls its dangerous terrain check. Is it possible for the result to be worse than an immobilized result? (if so what?)

No, it can only be immobilised, although it would roll 2D6 and any 1's would immobilise it.

60. If a standard transport vehicle moves 3” in the movement phase, and troops disembark towards the enemy. They can
  • a.Fire their weapons as having moved, and may assault in the assault phase, if the enemy are within 6”
  • b.Fire their weapons as having moved, but may not assault in the assault phase, even if they are within 6”
  • c.May not fire their weapons since they moved, but may assault in the assault phase, if the enemy are within 6”
B - if the vehicle moves, they may not assault unless it's open-topped but may fire as if they moved.

61. If a standard transport vehicle remains stationary in the movement phase, and troops disembark towards the enemy. They can
  • a.Fire their weapons as having moved, and may assault in the assault phase, if the enemy are within 6”
  • b.Fire their weapons as having moved, but may not assault in the assault phase, even if they are within 6”
  • c.May not fire their weapons since they moved, but may assault in the assault phase, if the enemy are within 6”
  • d.May move shoot and assault as if they moved normally, but were the same as being out of the vehicle the entire time.
A - if the vehicle hasn't moved, then the may act normally after disembarking.

62. If a bike unit declares it is using it turbo boosters to get the invulnerable save, how far does it have to move to get the bonus?

18" and must travel in a straight line (not sure on the straight line bit)

63. (T/F) If a vehicle is in a wooded area, and your opponent scores a penetrating hit. The hit is automatically downgraded to a glancing shot.

No, but if 50% of hull is covered, then can claim a cover save of 4+ to ignore shot (Damn 4ed)

64. (T/F) A Melta Weapon automatically treats any glancing hit result against vehicles as a penetrating hit instead.

No, but they do get +1 on the damage chart for being AP1

65. (T/F) Offensive grenades, when assaulting into cover, allow all models to strike in initiative order.


66. What happens if an Ordinance blast hits an open topped vehicle vehicle, how may dice do you roll for armor penetration? Are there any extra effects as well?

2D6 for ordinance, plus 1 to damage for being open topped (might be +2)

67. (T/F) If an Ordinance blast hits a vehicle but the center of the blast is over the vehicle, the strength of the hit is resolved at half strength.

False - the hole has to be over the hull for full strength, overwise it's half strength (unless it's a deathstrike, I need me one of those!)

68. (T/F) If a character that does not have infiltrate joins a unit that has infiltrate; the unit loses the infiltrate skill.

True, IC's will force units to lose abilities if they don't have them.

69. (T/F) A fearless character joins a unit that does not have the fearless ability, the unit becomes fearless.

False - IC abilities do not transfer onto the units they join.

70. (T/F) If a character joins a unit that is Fearless, he becomes fearless.

False (I think, in all honesty, I don't know, so it's a guess)

71. (T/F) A unit with the “preferred enemy” special ability, re-rolls any failed to hits in the first round of combat.

False, they hit on 3+ as standard and I think they get +1 to I, but not sure on that.

72. A unit of Space Marines (and they shall know no fear) flees from combat, and are caught by sweeping advance. What happens to the unit? Be specific.

They die!

73. What two special rules apply to Swarms?

Vunerable to blasts and are fearless! Actually isn't swarms a rule itself now?


That was an easy question!

75. A unit of space marines (3 bolter marines, 1 flamer marine, & 1 sergeant) take 7 wounds to be allocated. The owning player allocates one wound to each model, and the extra two wounds get placed on the bolter marines. The owning player rolls five saves for the bolter marines. He rolls (1,1,2,2,5) how many marines are removed from the unit? (circle one)
  • a.3 bolter marines and the remaining failed save results in the owning player removing the sergeant as well.
  • b.3 bolter marines. The extra “failed save” is ignored since all of the models in that group are already removed as casualties.
  • c.The defending player rolls all of the dice together and removes anyone he wishes as casualties, the Missile Launcher Trooper can not be picked out, since he is not a character model.
  • d.3 bolter marines and the remaining failed save results in the owning player removing the sergeant as well.

4ed strikes again. Each set of allocated wound would have to be rolled separately and any failed saves only applied to the group / model they were allocated to.

76. (T/F) Units with “Counter-attack” must take terrain into account when they make their Counter Attack move.

False - although, I truth, I don't know for sure, so that's a guess.

77. (T/F) In a game using Random Game Length, at the end of turn 5, you would begin by rolling a d6. On a roll of 4+ the game continues, on a roll of 1-3 the game is over. Repeat this process at the end of each turn, until a roll of 1, 2, or 3 has finally been rolled.

False T5 4+, T6 +3 T7 +2

Well, that's the test done. It became apparent during the test that it's for 4ed (Damn you SpikeyBits - lol), but I continued anyway. You'll notice that I've tried to answer the questions as fully as possible, as I wanted this to be a test of my knowledge and understanding of the rules. I felt that I did pretty good in the movement, terrain, basic shooting and cover questions, but these are areas I've relearn so far as part of my 'cure of MES' progress but when I got to the assault, vehicles and IC questions, things started to get a bit more hazy and I wasn't as sure as I was with the earlier questions.

So guys, it's time to get your red markers out and start checking my answers. I'll look forward to you lot pointing out my errors in the comments. So, how did I do guys?

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Multiple Edition Syndrome (MES) - a cure?

As some of you will remember, a short while ago, I identified a horrific syndrome that afflicted many veteran games in my blog 'Do you know the rules?'.

Multiple Edition Syndrome (MES) is a condition where you've played that many different editions, that the rules from the various editions have melded into one ruleset, often leading to critical errors on the battlefield. On that post, there was a comment from Dverning from Maunderings of a 40k Gamer. This is what he said .....

"When a new rulebook or codex releases, I sit down and read the entire rules section and take notes. It's easy to gloss over or forget changes when you're just reading. Taking notes at the same time forces that extra bit of comprehension. This also makes a handy "cheat sheet" when you head to the table for practice games."

Well, I took his excellent advice on board, and got myself an A4 notebook and started learning the rules from scratch, and I think it's most definitely a cure for MES. I've approached the rules with the mindset of a complete newbie, I even wrote notes on how the turns worked!

It may seem a bit silly for a veteran gamer with two decades of 40k under his belt to make notes on principles that are so basic and haven't changed in five editions but I didn't want to say I know that and then skip it, as I get further into the rules, this could lead to some serious oversights.

Instead, I've started from scratch and I'm going to learn the lot, there's only 96 pages and at a page a night, I should have it done in about three months. Once I've got the rules down, it'll be time to hit the codexes, no more having the wool pulled over my eyes by those doggy xenos and glory boy players again!


Finally, I'd like to share with you another reason why I love my wife so much. Obviously Valentines has just gone by and I treated her well, but she admitted that my present hadn't arrive yet. Instead it arrived yesterday ......

I really love that woman! Shame it didn't arrive earlier, as it would have made my latest project for little mans school a hell of a lot easier ......

There's still quite a bit to do on it before he returns to school on Monday, but I'm hopefully me and him will get it done in time - fingers crossed! You can follow the castles progress on my Google Buzz.

For all you guys who follow my blog for the models, I've got one more colour to put on 9 guys and 2nd Platoon will be finally finished, piccies coming soon.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Come BUZZ me!

Well, I've avoided Mybook, Facespace and Twatter for quite a while, even though my wife loves them.

Then along came Google Buzz, and I must say, I'm buzzed about it. I tend to use a lot of Google products for my wargaming stuff and so when when Buzz came along and gave me a way of tying it all in together, I was, well frankly buzzed.

One of the down sides of blogs is that you rarely get to see and interact with the author on a personal level. Blogs are like magazines with an article feel that gives very little about the actual author. Sometimes, I feel that this applies to my blog as much as others, even though I try to inject a little bit more of me in to my blogs than most.

With Google Buzz, I reckon I can have a chance to interact a bit more on a personal level with my followers and the bloggers I follow, or at least those that want that sort of interaction. So, if you fancy getting a little bit more personal with me, come give me a buzz ;-)

A quick word of warning, although I tend to keep my blog kiddie friendly, I am an adult, I like to occasionally talk and laugh about adult things, and although I would never post pornographic or abusive material on my blog or buzz about it, there are going to be adult type comments occasionally. So, if you think you'd be offended by this, or you're young and you think your parents wouldn't be happy about this, then it's probably best to just stick with the kiddie friendly blog and leave the buzzing well alone. Right, back to the blog about warfare, genocide, xenophobia and everything that makes the 40k fluff so compelling.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

January Parade Ground Recruits

It's a little late, life's been a bit hectic lately but here's January's additions to The Parade Ground bloglist.

That's it for this month, as always, if you have a guard blog or know of one I've missed, then let me know and I'll get it added.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

A little apology, but in a good way!

I want to make a little apology for all those that checkout my blog for updates on my guard. As you may know, I see myself as a long term hobbyist, but recently, I've been thinking about the term 'long term' and the fact that I'm a smoker and perhaps 'long term' maybe isn't as long as I thought it was as I've been a smoker for the past ten years or so.

So, just after the new year, I decided to quit smoking. I'm doing well so far and the family have been supportive and let slide the odd outburst here and there. One of the temporary downsides of quitting smoking is that I've been a bit on edge and unable to settle down to paint. Surfing and blogging been fine, but sitting down for a couple of hours at my paint station just isn't possible at the moment, so there's going to be a slight break in mini's appearing on the blog or at least a slow down. Don't worry, they will be returning shortly. On the plus side, I'll be able to get loads of pages done for my campaign blog and my column on FTW.

Also, I while ago, I promised myself that I wouldn't buy anymore models as the plastic crack mountain was getting silly and so I haven't brought a model since May last year. Well, now, even though I still have quite a bit waiting to be painted, I'm going to be getting some new models.

The reason for this is that the Doctor has said that I need to reward myself for quitting smoking and so, here's my planned rewards .....

2 Weeks Reward

1 Month Reward


3 Month Reward

6 Month Reward


12 Month Reward for Xmas!

So there you have it gents, I'm exchanging my plastic crack mountain for a resin one. I figure I can get all these and still be quid's in. A quick calculation and I worked out that the titan is going to cost me 50 days worth of fags and so as it's a xmas reward after going six months since the last one, I'm still saving cash and hopefully staying alive long enough to get it painted!

Wish me luck guys and hopefully I'll be sharing my rewards with you once I've got my painting mojo back.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

ORDERS - The Colonel gets a posting!

News from the front, the great Ronissah has called and the Colonel has answered. I'll be taking up a position as chief scenery adviser to the From The Warp 40k battlegroup.

In truth, I emailed him about bring my passion for scenery to FTW, and we've had a bit or back and forth figuring out what would be best and so I'll be bringing the community all sorts of scenery related posts to help improve battlegrounds across the blogging community.

Keep your eyes peeled for my intro post coming tomorrow!

Image used without permission from