Sunday, 30 August 2009

TOEMP Snippers finished

I've finally finished them this afternoon, so I missed the deadline for the first of my TOEMP challenge. Never mind, I've learned how to dremmel, how to make green stuff cloaks and improved my skin painting a little.

All in all, I've chuffed, anyway, on to the pics ....

First the kneeling ones ...

Now the standing ones ...

Any CC is very welcome as always. Tonight I'll start working on my regimental advisors as part of the third challenge (my second). We're supposed to do a FA choice or a special character but I figure I've just done a special character with Marbo and I think the three advisors kinda follow the special character theme.

WIP pics coming soon.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Marbo completed

I spend last night painted up my Marbo conversion. Overall, I'm really pleased with how he's turned out. Let me know what you think guys.

Now all I've got to do is 6 snipers for midnight, personally, I think I'm going to miss the deadline but hey, I've learnt how to make GS cloaks, so I'm chuffed.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Blogging Woes? Not getting listed?

Fed up of your stuff not showing up on the FTW blogroll or Bols? Then I have some news you have to hear.

I was chatting to a friend who works for google about how long it takes some blogs to show up on bloglists. One of the blogs on the Parade Ground bloglist hadn't updated in 6 days, so I asked him about it.

As blogger is owned by google, the bloglists widgets are updated by the googlebot. How often this happens depends on how often the googlebot visits your site to index it.

With me so far? Here's the interesting bit!

Now, it turns out that there's a way to force the googlebot to reindex your site. In google reader (it only works in google reader), if you subscribe to your own blogfeed you can click refresh. This forces the googlebot to reindex your site and all the bloglists you're on.

I've been trying it and I've been getting listed on FTW and Bols within 10 minutes using it.

I hope it helps all of you who keep falling of the end, so to speak.

Monday, 24 August 2009

My Marbo

After getting to grips with the cloaks on my snipers, I decided that I'd have a go at coming up with my own marbo model. The things that I wanted to get across on the model was :-

1. He's an old school veteran who's outside the norms for the regiment.
2. He carries a custom pistol
3. He carries a demo charge
4. He's stealthy.

Let me know if you think I've hit the mark, any constructive criticism is welcome.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Marbo's Ripper pistol

I've been working on my custom Marbo model. It's coming on well, but I thought I'd share how I made his ripper pistol. I wanted something that looked like a heavy pistol / submachine pistol.

First, I started off with a standard bolt pistol, I drilled the barrel slightly and then cut off the pistol grip and the barrel and small rod underneath it.

Next up, I glued a piece of sprue to the front of the pistol.

I then trimmed the sprue down and filled any gaps with green stuff.

I then added two plasticard strips to bulk it up a bit.

The finally, I glued the barrel back on, and hey presto, a custom Ripper pistol for my Marbo. It's the first time that I've done anything like this, so I'm chuffed with how it's turned out.

Friday, 21 August 2009

Sniper cloak

Just a quick post to show my progress tonight on sculpting a cloak for one of my snipers. It's taken a while, but I've been doing other bits and bobs. Anyway, here's my very first bit of proper sculpting, I know it's not the best cloak but I'm proud of my work.

I am a little concerned about how long he took as I've still got to do the cloaks on another sniper and my marbo model. We're already a third way through the time for this challenge and I'm getting a little worried that I might spoil the model by rushing it.

Better get back to mixing some green stuff, time's ticking.

PS - I've got my first tournament tomorrow, I'm packed and ready to issue some whoop-arsing!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

A great dads day out!

Well, today was all about spending the day with my little lad. I had a bit of a trip out planned, that included nipping into Shewsbury, checking out a few model shops, a nip into GW, a visit to a proper castle and then finally a visit to a bouncy sort of castle.

It's been great! On the castle front, we've visited Shrewsbury castle which also houses the regimental museum for the various Shropshire regiments. Here's a couple of pics, unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pics inside the museum.

This is Laura's tower, a summer house built in the 18th century by the then current owner for his daughter. It's the highest point in Shrewsbury and has some outstanding views. I also reckon it'd make a good terrain project, I love the twin staircases working around the door.

There were also two large field guns just outside the gates, so my little man climbed up (bit naughty) and give me a smile.

The museum was excellent and chocked full of bits of kit, weapons and uniforms from all different periods of time. One thing that got me was the Russian WW2 weapons, the heavy machine guns look straight from the DKoK. Big, chunky and on little trolleys. If any of you end up in the shrewsbury area, I'd highly recommend checking it out.

We also nipping into GW which was swamped. I only needed some green stuff but they were completely sold out. After chatting with the lads and explaining that I wanted it for the TOEMP challenge, they pulled a blinder and gave me some of the stores that they had in back. I know we can all get pee'd off with the corporate side of GW but I've got to say, the guys who actually man the front line do an excellent job. I also picked up the second Guant's omnibus and the planet strike manual, I'll let you know what I think once I've got my teeth stuck into them.

The last bit of our day out was a trip to Crazy Knights, a huge industrial playbarn geared around a castle, two hours of slides, ball pools and padded madness. It was knackering but GREAT, the perfect end to the perfect day. I just need to plan our next day, I think chester calls.

Old School Guard

I've been sorting through my kit lately and I came across these old catachens that I painted up so long ago that I can't remember when. I'm assuming one's got lost in the mists of time as there's only nine. What really surprised me is that I actually painted their eyes, which is something I don't do on my guard as I don't think I'm a good enough painter. I might have to have a rethink about that based on this new evidence.


As part of the TOEMP challange, I'm painting up some snipers and a converted Marbo. I'm saving the Marbo for a bit of a tutorial, but here's the snipers.

I've already used the challenge to push myself by using a dremel to grind off the leaves off the four catachen snipers. I've never used a dremel before, even though I've had one for about a year now. Overall, I'm quite pleased with how they've come out but I'll only be able to tell properly once they're painted. The first few were a bit dodgy but by the end, I think I'd got the hang of it. The last model only took a few minutes and the finish was the best of the lot. So, the TOEMP challenge has already challenged me to leave my comfort zone, it's sculpting next!

That's all for now folks, more wip pics of the snipers coming soon.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Demolisher added to 152 AAC

I've been busy these past few day, busy adding more armour to 152 Armoured Assault company. Vehicle number 4 is a demolisher. It's an old pattern demolisher that I've had built for a while but never got round to finishing.

I'm not sure what sort of Russ variant I'm going to do next, I've got the standard model along with a FW vanquisher and executioner turrets. Any suggestions are very welcome.


Along with a few other bloggers, I've embarked on 73rd's painting challenge. Although I was too late to take part in the first challenge (I joined quite late and was already working on the demolisher) I'm ready for the second. We've been challenged to paint 125pts worth of elites by the 27th!

So, I've dug out my codex and Marbo and six ratlings come bang on 125pts, it must be fate as I happen to have the perfect Marbo model and six cadian snipers. Yes, I know they're not ratlings, but there's no way those ulgy RT kickbacks are making it into my army, basically, I just don't like the models.

I'm planning to sculpt a cloak on Marbo, but this is going to be my first bit of real sculpting. If anyone knows any good tutorials on scultping cloaks, please let me know. Must admit, it's a bit daunting, but the whole point about me taking on the challenge was to challenge myself, not sit in my comfort zone.


I never been to one before but with my local club closed for the summer (don't ask) I'm a bit staved of gaming. When one of the group sorted an impromptu tournament, I thought what the hell!

It's on Saturday, 1750pts, 4 games and I'm taking guard. That might be a bit obvious but I know the guys at the club frequent my blog and I'm giving nothing away ;-)

Finally, Stowage

Not the sort I plaster over my Russes, but the sort we store our models in. In an ongoing attempt to keep my nearest and dearest happy, I'm been sorting all my boxes and bits into stack and store boxes.

Well, if you're in the UK, I'm found a blinder, Morrisons are currently selling two 25ltr stack and store boxes for £7. It was such a good deal, I got eight for less than the new Russ kit. They're the green topped boxes in this pic.

That's all for now folks, WIP pics of Marbo and the snipers coming soon.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

A tale of even more painters!

At first I wasn't sure if I would join in with 73rd's TOEMP project but I've been mulling it over and I think I'm going to give it a go. At first, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to meet the deadlines with a busy family and work life but then I started thinking about it. I'm hoping the it'll help me vary what I paint week from week, and push me to try new techniques. I'm not that hopeful that I'll meet many of the deadline, but I'm going to give it a damn good go.

So, bring it on 73rd, what's next?

The Parade Ground.

It's growing well, I'm really surprised by how many people are joining up and even more surprised by how many are displaying the widget - thanks guys. If any of you know of any Guard related blogs that arn't already listed, please feel free to recommend them. I really want to make this a great place to catch up guard blogs from across the community.

On the painting station.

At the moment, my valkyrie is sitting primed waiting for some paint, but I'm not quite sure on how it's going to go, and until I can see the finished model in my minds eye, I can't start painting it. So, as well as having the two heavy weapon squads hiding between the paint pots, I've also got a demolisher half painted up, hopefully, I'll be adding another Russ to my Armoured company soon.

Also, last night whilst flicking through the codex and a couple of old WD's, I spotted my Marbo. He'll need a little converting, and even a bit of sculting, but I think he'll work just right and I've got all the bits I need for him already. I don't want to say much more as I'm thinking of saying him for one of the TOEMP's challanges.

The OOglies

Finally, I don't know how many of you will find this funny, but it's had me and my little lad in stitches all morning. I especially like the stunt bike eggs.

The OOglies on BBC IPlayer


Sunday, 9 August 2009

Hellhammer finally finished

I finally finished my hellhammer last night. I've been working on it since April, so I'm so glad it's finally done. Overall, I'm quite pleased with it. It looks a little brighter in these pictures than it does in real life. I'm hoping to revisit it once I've got up to speed on using oil paints and weathering powers. Anyway, here's the pics :-

Introducing the 2nd tank of 018 Heavy Armour Company.

I finally finished my hellhammer last night. I've been working on it since April, so I'm so glad it's finally done.

Painting Points

Another 20 points off the total, plus I've managed to pull a sly one. I had a Russ and three Chimeras which I'd bought from a friend. They were already painted and a bit bashed, I could have cleaned them up but little man took an interest, so he's been painting today and right now, his new mech guard are resting after repelling an assault by lofty, scoop and skip.

So, with these four models (40 pts) and the Hellhammer (20pts), I've taken a good chunk off the vehicle total. For those who haven't followed my painting points, the figures on the left side are how many models I have left to paint. Only once I start getting these down will I be getting more. It's basically a battle against the grey plastic crack build up.

I really can't justify getting the new demolisher or hellhound kits until I get my vehicle figures right down, so I'd better crack on.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Valkyrie - Inspiration and Eye Candy

As my Hellhammer project is all most completed, my mind has been drifting in the skies with thoughts of Air Calvary. So, I've been trawling the net after inspiration and I've decided to share some of my finds.

I really like the colour scheme on this one as well as the nose art. It's vividness really makes it stand out

I like the real world look to this one. The camouflage and the numbering give it a feel German WWII feel.

Another great camo job, plus the yellow banding is really sharp and an excellent contrast.

This one just stood out because of the camo scheme, shame it wasn't taken in jungle setup.

I had to include this one, it's in the Corbanian 1st's colours!

Just check out the nose art of this vulture gunship and with that payload, she really is a daisy cutter.

The weathering on this one is truly amazing.

Another excellent nose art job!

A really sharp colour scheme on this one, and the imperial eagles n the wings are excellent.

Another excellent colour scheme, it must have taken an age to do all those dots.

The tiger tail on this one is great, plus the tigers teeth really finish it off.

This one is just amazing, end of! Click the link under the image for close ups, you have to see it close up.

Another great set of teeth on the nose of this one, I also like the black and yellow banding on the doors.

Finally, an excellent camo scheme and great nose art.

That's all of the ones that have inspired me so far, no doubt others will come along. Hopefully, you've enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed finding them.