Thursday, 6 August 2009

Valkyrie - Inspiration and Eye Candy

As my Hellhammer project is all most completed, my mind has been drifting in the skies with thoughts of Air Calvary. So, I've been trawling the net after inspiration and I've decided to share some of my finds.

I really like the colour scheme on this one as well as the nose art. It's vividness really makes it stand out

I like the real world look to this one. The camouflage and the numbering give it a feel German WWII feel.

Another great camo job, plus the yellow banding is really sharp and an excellent contrast.

This one just stood out because of the camo scheme, shame it wasn't taken in jungle setup.

I had to include this one, it's in the Corbanian 1st's colours!

Just check out the nose art of this vulture gunship and with that payload, she really is a daisy cutter.

The weathering on this one is truly amazing.

Another excellent nose art job!

A really sharp colour scheme on this one, and the imperial eagles n the wings are excellent.

Another excellent colour scheme, it must have taken an age to do all those dots.

The tiger tail on this one is great, plus the tigers teeth really finish it off.

This one is just amazing, end of! Click the link under the image for close ups, you have to see it close up.

Another great set of teeth on the nose of this one, I also like the black and yellow banding on the doors.

Finally, an excellent camo scheme and great nose art.

That's all of the ones that have inspired me so far, no doubt others will come along. Hopefully, you've enjoyed looking at them as much as I enjoyed finding them.


Hal'jin said...

Whoa, those are brillaint. Just put mine to shame! I love the interior on the last one, now I'm wishing I hadn't done mine in such a simple manner.

Kron said...

Damn those are some amazing Valks! Better work extra hard on mine this weekend..
Great post!

Craig said...

the cadian navy and the tiger tailed ones are my favourites... so whats the plan for yours???

Col. Corbane said...

I'm not sure yet mate, I really want to do a good job on the valk but I'm still struggling to see it in my mind, and until I can, I'm a bit lost.

Grégory Privat said...

here is my valkyrie in case you like it )

John Lambshead said...

This is great. i am hoping for a Vendetta for my upcoming birhday and you have given me sometyhing to mull over.