Friday, 14 August 2009

Bits and Bobs

A tale of even more painters!

At first I wasn't sure if I would join in with 73rd's TOEMP project but I've been mulling it over and I think I'm going to give it a go. At first, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to meet the deadlines with a busy family and work life but then I started thinking about it. I'm hoping the it'll help me vary what I paint week from week, and push me to try new techniques. I'm not that hopeful that I'll meet many of the deadline, but I'm going to give it a damn good go.

So, bring it on 73rd, what's next?

The Parade Ground.

It's growing well, I'm really surprised by how many people are joining up and even more surprised by how many are displaying the widget - thanks guys. If any of you know of any Guard related blogs that arn't already listed, please feel free to recommend them. I really want to make this a great place to catch up guard blogs from across the community.

On the painting station.

At the moment, my valkyrie is sitting primed waiting for some paint, but I'm not quite sure on how it's going to go, and until I can see the finished model in my minds eye, I can't start painting it. So, as well as having the two heavy weapon squads hiding between the paint pots, I've also got a demolisher half painted up, hopefully, I'll be adding another Russ to my Armoured company soon.

Also, last night whilst flicking through the codex and a couple of old WD's, I spotted my Marbo. He'll need a little converting, and even a bit of sculting, but I think he'll work just right and I've got all the bits I need for him already. I don't want to say much more as I'm thinking of saying him for one of the TOEMP's challanges.

The OOglies

Finally, I don't know how many of you will find this funny, but it's had me and my little lad in stitches all morning. I especially like the stunt bike eggs.

The OOglies on BBC IPlayer



Joe B said...

Welcome aboard the ToEMP! Look forward to your Marbo conversion, I've seen some great ones and I've seen some silly ones (one had 6 arms!).

sovietspace said...

Woot, also glad to see you've joined ToEMP! Welcome aboard, best of luck...