Friday, 26 April 2013

VL Vets ready for painting

I have a confession to make, I put the first five Victoria Lamb Rangers together way too quickly. I suppose it was because they were a present and I was excited to put together my first multipart metal models. I put them together and primed them that quickly that I really dropped the ball with them. I didn't think about the unit composition, I didn't clean up the mold lines, I didn't fill any of the gaps with green stuff. Hell, I even forgot to put gravel on their bases!

So, once my over eagerness had had a serious kick in the arse, I sat down and reworked them. First off, I filled in the gaps and blended the capes into the straps on the torsos as well as cleaning up what slight mold lines there were and added gravel to their bases.

Next came a composite change, first off I swapped the arms on one trooper for a different set. I needed the ones he originally had for a special weapon conversions. The other change was that I swapped out another troopers rifle for a rocket so he could act as the support guy for the squad's heavy weapon. It took a fair bit of clipping and filing to completely remove the lasgun type weapon, so much so that I had to resculpt the thumb on his right hand.

Another minor change across the five guys I did initially was that I broke off their waist pouches, canteens and scabbards, then replaced them with GW IG pouchs and grenades. The reason for this was that after I completed the first five, I realised that other than the bases, there was nothing really that tied them into my current guard models. So, with the next five I decided to make sure there were plenty of visual links to my current guard models.

Being veterans, there's plenty of unit options to include upgrades and therefore tie them into my current guard force. For the three special weapons guys, I went for a flamer, a meltagun and a grenade launcher. Ideally, I'd have gone for three plasma guns as Mike hates plasma but unfortunately, my weapon selection was down to what bits I had and not what bits I desired!

All three specials involved removing the lasgun type weapon, so lots of clipping and filling. I couldn't remove the weapon stocks, so I had to line up the arms and weapons to look like the special weapons came with shoulder stocks. Even though the GW IG weapons look a little large, I don't think it's excessive.

Next was the rocket launcher guy, I used catachen plastic arms for this guy. The muscles on them were far too large, so I filled them down. They're still quite big but with the addition of the rough bearded face, it gives the impression that he's probably the only guy in the squad who could carry the damn rocket launcher.

Finally, the squad sgt, this guy I really wanted to tie into the 41st millennium. So I went for the augmented power sword arm and plasma pistol arm for the high tech look. I did consider removing the shoulder pads but I decided that they actually helped tie the unit in with the rest of my force. Finally, I used a GW command head, specifically for the aquila on the cap.

So here they are, all ready for priming ..... again. Let me know your thoughts in the comments guys.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Victoria Lamb miniatures

With my invigorated passion for 40K, there comes new models!

My buddy Mike recently bought me a squad of ten guardsmen models for my army. He said they were a gift but there's a little bit of me that thinks he's emotionally blackmailing me to keep my hobby mojo going. Well, if that's the case, it's bloody working! I love these guys!

It's a squad of ten Border World Rangers from Victoria Lamb miniatures. The models are brilliant but they're posing a real challenge for me. It's the first time I've working with multipart metal models, so there's been lots of gluing arms and heads to fingers rather than torso's etc! Now, I'd like to make it clear that this is a fault with my modeling ability and not the models, which are truly excellent.

I really can't fault the detail on these guys, the molds themselves are so clean, I didn't realise they had mold lines until I'd primed the first five. They're perfectly scaled with GW plastic cadians, they're the same height, just a little slimmer, but that's perfectly acceptable as they've got bare arms and aren't sporting flak armour. Each ten man ranger pack comes with 10 legs, torsos, heads (all unique), cloaks, one piece arms and lasgun type weapons along with a good selection of pouches and bayonet scabbards.

The one thing that I am finding difficult is that the standard ten man ranger pack only comes with lasgun type weapon arms. Victoria Lamb miniatures do various other special/heavy/sgt arms for the ranger models that are quite good and could easily be called various IG weapons, it's just that I don't have any of them. I will in the future but right now, this has led me down the path of converting them. Here's my first go at swapping out  the metal weapon for a grenade launcher, let me know your thoughts guys!

All I've got to do now is two more special weapons guys and the squad sgt, so the bits hunt begins! Hopefully, I'll them them converted up pretty soon, I'll blog them when I do and then it'll be time to get them painted and added to 1st platoon. In the meantime, you can checkout the ranger and other future world ranges at Victoria Lamb miniatures, and if you buy any, let her know I sent you, who knows, she might send me some bits for free (cheeky yes but there's no harm in trying guys!).


Monday, 22 April 2013

Da Grot's first Orks

Hi it is Corben.

I think that my orks are really good. My dad showed me how to dry brush and wash my orks. I made the clothes red because i want them to be speed freaks. My next model is killa kan.                                                                


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Charybdis Campaign : Contact, wait out!

What follows is the notes, transmissions and journals of the commander of my guard forces me and Mike play through a narrative campaign with my guard surrounded by Mikes beautiful Tau force. You can checkout Mikes version of the campaign at Hope you like it guys!


+++Personal TechnoScribe Document
+++ScriptTime : 7 332 998.M41
+++Author : Major Tiberius Corbane, 3E/1CB

+++From the journal of Major Tiberius Corbane, Corbanian 1st

It was suppose to be an easy deployment, a chance for the men to rest and exercise their daemons from that forlorn hell hole. The men fought well in every engagement but repeated withdrawals from High Command have left them bitter and resentful. So many men lost for us to keep pulling back from those fething blue skinned Tau.

The thought of returning home to their loved ones had given the men a reason to hope and even I thought the madness to be over. This was supposed to be a regimental drop exercise but that changed as soon as the regiment started landing.

I can only assume that most of the regiment has been taken out during the drops this morning. That can be the only explanation for the bright flashes in the sky earlier and the lack of comms from so many regimental elements.

There is no doubt over who is responsible for this terrible act of cowardice, the sky's have been full of Tau flyers since the bright orbit flashes this morning. The conflict isn't just limited to the skies, smoke can be seen raising from the direction of capital city.

What guard units did make landing seem to be mobilising against the new threat. Even one of my own Hydra's took out an Orca earlier and the net buzzing with similar reports.

Lacking any official action orders, I've stood my detachments too and issued orders to establish an anti-air cordon around their landing sites.

I do not know the full picture, but what I do know is the enemy is known to us and this time, there will be no tactical withdrawal, this is our system and we will not abandon our loved ones to the same fate as Taros.


+++Vox Transmission Transcript
+++Transmitted : Vox 23453/152/1CB
+++Received : Vox 38675/152/1CB
+++Destination : RHQ
+++MissionTime : 7 332 998.M41
+++Mission : Deploy Extended Air Cordon Around 3rd Element Landing Zone
+++Ref : 34643470782685356
+++Author : Major Tiberius Corbane, 3E/1CB
+++Thought of the day : Idle eyes are worse than no eyes, they give the illusion of alertness.

5 Vehicle column comprising Command Squad  Veteran Squad, 2 Starstreak Hydra, Leman Russ deployed from 3rd Landing Element deployment zone in standard two column formation at 1300hrs Zulu. Immediately on exit compound, column under fire from woods on left flank.

Standard tactical doctrines followed. Command Squad advanced and deployed into woodland on right flank. Armour withdrew, redeployed in line formation, engaged enemy in woods on left flank. Veterans withdrew with armoured elements, provided close infantry support.

Leman Russs engaged Tau:Hammerhead on left flank, minor damage to Leman Russ, enemy vehicle destroyed. Command Squad secured cover in elevated position and engaged force consisting Tau:Crisissuits, heavy firefight followed, command squad combat ineffective due to casualties, transport destroyed, minor damage to enemy.

Veteran Squad rapidly redeployed in support of command squad on right flank, armoured elements provided fire support, transport destroyed, veterans engaged, enemy neutralised, veteran squad combat effective, reduced to half strength. Perimeter Swept and Secured, Air Cordon Deployed. End Mission

+++MissionStatus : Primary Delayed, Air Cordon Secure T+90
+++VehicleStatus : 2 Chimeras Destroyed, 1 Leman Russ Minor Damage
+++TroopStatus : 1 Command Squad Combat Ineffective
+++Casualties : Lt Gamus Wounded, 3 Veterans Dead, 6 Veterans Wounded

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

RSM and Sandy the Regimental Mascot

A little late posting this but I've finished my Regimental Sergeant Major and his dog Sandy, the regimental mascot. I'm really pleased with how he's come out, his face was the second proper face that I've tried to do and it's come out reasonably good. Sandy was a real challenge as I'd never painted a dog before but overall I think I managed to pull it off.

In other news, Corben's Orks are slowly coming on, we'll be posting them soon. He's also starting to learn the basic rules and as most kids his age, he's just soaking them up far better than expected. I also had my first proper game of 6th against Mike's new Tau force and I have to say, I'm loving the feel of the new rules, more on that coming soon.

Anyway, what do you reckon to the RSM and his pooch guys?


Monday, 8 April 2013

RSM and Sandy the dog

Things are really heating up on the hobby front although I hit a stumbling block once I completed my second hydra. The thing is, all of my next guard projects are all quite involved and with me only recently getting my 40k mojo back, they're all a bit overwhelming to be honest.

After a little thinking, I realised that the Corbanian 1st doesn't have a regimental sergeant major or a regimental mascot. So, I present to you, the RSM and Sandy the dog ....

Obviously the RSM is sporting his beloved pace stick and a rather nice powerfist, both from the Cadian command squad sprues, his body is actually the Baneblade commander but it works well for an RSM. Sandy is a great little model from a Tamiya accessories sprue. I should give due credit to Admiral Drax for the mascot idea, it's been rattling around my brain since he first posted 'after the war', his corgi regimental mascot. So, time to paint this terror from my nightmares up, I'm hoping to do a proper face on him, fingers crossed, I'll be able to pull it off.

On the gaming front, things are certainly heating up. My good mate Mike has created a new blog for his new Tau force. Mike's had a few Tau armies over the years I've known him, so no doubt it'll have some stunning models on it before long. The other reason for creating the blog is a new narrative campaign we're planning on running between his growing Tau force and the Corbanian 1st. More on that coming soon guys.

Finally, I'm getting really stuck into my The Terrain Tutor project. So far, I've filmed a few tutorials but I've got a lot of editing to do. I also really need a decent video camera, so I've decided to sell of some of my old armies on ebay. So far, I've listed my Dwarf and Undead armies from the 1980's, I'll be listing my High Elf army soon, followed by my Nids and Space Marines later this week. Hopefully, that'll generate enough cash to get a decent video camera and some more Ork models for little man.

If you're interested in any of those forces, check my Ebay listings.


Monday, 1 April 2013

2nd Starstreak Hydra completed!

It certainly feels good to get a model finished, especially as it's been so long since my last completed unit for the Corbanian 1st. This is the second Starstreak Hydra I've completed and although I was worried that I might be out of practice painting, it actually turned out quite nice. Anyway, here's the other shots ...

Finally, here's the pair together. I'm pretty pleased with how close their colour schemes are considering how far apart they've been painted.

Next up is a command vehicle for the squadron, I've already got the parts for what I'm hoping it going to be a pretty good looking conversion. I've just got to strip the chimera chasis I got of ebay and then hopefully, I'll be ready to go.

I should say that my 40k flame has been well and truly rekindled, my good mate Mike has decided to recollect his Tau force (he has a habit of selling them) and we're putting together the narrative for a campaign. So expect more 40k goodness soon!

Finally, I'm putting a lot of time into my new how to build terrain project, 'The Terrain Tutor', the blog is up and running, check it out here and for all you Facebook fans, it's also got a page at If you're interested in building wargames terrain and scenery, come and say hi!