Monday, 1 April 2013

2nd Starstreak Hydra completed!

It certainly feels good to get a model finished, especially as it's been so long since my last completed unit for the Corbanian 1st. This is the second Starstreak Hydra I've completed and although I was worried that I might be out of practice painting, it actually turned out quite nice. Anyway, here's the other shots ...

Finally, here's the pair together. I'm pretty pleased with how close their colour schemes are considering how far apart they've been painted.

Next up is a command vehicle for the squadron, I've already got the parts for what I'm hoping it going to be a pretty good looking conversion. I've just got to strip the chimera chasis I got of ebay and then hopefully, I'll be ready to go.

I should say that my 40k flame has been well and truly rekindled, my good mate Mike has decided to recollect his Tau force (he has a habit of selling them) and we're putting together the narrative for a campaign. So expect more 40k goodness soon!

Finally, I'm putting a lot of time into my new how to build terrain project, 'The Terrain Tutor', the blog is up and running, check it out here and for all you Facebook fans, it's also got a page at If you're interested in building wargames terrain and scenery, come and say hi!



Mordian7th said...

Awesome work, man! I absolutely love how those turned out, and are the inspiration for the Charybdis assault launchers I've done for the 7th.

It's always dicey to match paint schemes from disparate eras of one's painting history, but I gotta say those two match up darn near perfectly!

Zzzzzz said...

Nice. Is that Helios kit or is from the Whirlwind ?

Just waiting for a slightly warmer weekend. Then I'm gonna disappear into the garage and cam-up my basecoated vehicle fleet. (sigh)

Colonel Winterborne said...

Great conversions, really fit well with the rest of your army.

Colonel Scipio said...

Nice work - also appreciate the difficulty in trying to paint two matching colour schemes after a long break, so well done!

Koloth said...

Great to see you finally got this one finished. I liked the original enough that I produced my own version.

Pics here

I've been thinking about a squadron command vehicle myself, which would carry a radar/auspex array. Probably only use it for Apocalypse games where it would add the Interceptor ability to the squadron soI'm intrigued to see you have in mind for your third vehicle of the squadron.

Col. Corbane said...

@Mordian7th - Cheers mate, are those whirlwind launchers on yours? Yeah, I'm pretty pleased with how well the match up as well.

@Zzzzzz - Thanks mate, they're from the helios kit although they're virtually identical to the whirlwind kit anyway. I hope you're using an airbrush on those vehicles!

@Col Winterborne - Thanks mate, just one more to complete the unit.

@Col Scipio - Cheers mate.

@Koloth - That's great mate, to be honest, I was thinking exactly along the same lines of you. I've got the helios dish just waiting for the chimera to get cleaned up.

Kevin Spyrle said...

Looking good, but have you considered a bit more contrast for the exposed missile bits?

Col. Corbane said...

@Kevin - Cheers, I did try painting them red first but it just didn't work, hence me falling back to the standard metal missile heads like I use for my infantry models. I wish the red had pulled off as it would have looked striking, but it wasn't meant to be mate.