Thursday, 11 February 2010

Come BUZZ me!

Well, I've avoided Mybook, Facespace and Twatter for quite a while, even though my wife loves them.

Then along came Google Buzz, and I must say, I'm buzzed about it. I tend to use a lot of Google products for my wargaming stuff and so when when Buzz came along and gave me a way of tying it all in together, I was, well frankly buzzed.

One of the down sides of blogs is that you rarely get to see and interact with the author on a personal level. Blogs are like magazines with an article feel that gives very little about the actual author. Sometimes, I feel that this applies to my blog as much as others, even though I try to inject a little bit more of me in to my blogs than most.

With Google Buzz, I reckon I can have a chance to interact a bit more on a personal level with my followers and the bloggers I follow, or at least those that want that sort of interaction. So, if you fancy getting a little bit more personal with me, come give me a buzz ;-)

A quick word of warning, although I tend to keep my blog kiddie friendly, I am an adult, I like to occasionally talk and laugh about adult things, and although I would never post pornographic or abusive material on my blog or buzz about it, there are going to be adult type comments occasionally. So, if you think you'd be offended by this, or you're young and you think your parents wouldn't be happy about this, then it's probably best to just stick with the kiddie friendly blog and leave the buzzing well alone. Right, back to the blog about warfare, genocide, xenophobia and everything that makes the 40k fluff so compelling.


Hal'jin said...

So that's what that stuff is about. Google tried to throw it at me when I logged in to my inbox but I promptly ignored the ad.
Can't say I'm a fan of that kind of sites or Google getting even more information about me than they already have, but I'll peek at your profile from time to time. ;)

Col. Corbane said...

I've always given them a wide birth as well but as it's tied in with my other google stuff which I use solely for my hobby stuff, I figure it'll be a good way of chatting about ideas, wip shots and all the other stuff which doesn't really deserve a post on my blog.

Time will tell mate.

On the google thing, if google wants to archive my models and what things I think are funny on youtube, then they can go for it! I wouldn't use google for anything I consider personal.