Sunday, 21 February 2010

Got my painting mojo back!

Well, the cravings have subsided, and I'm finding it easier to sit at the painting table. I finished of the last troopers for 2nd platoon. I've done a few voxcasters for my current squads and the various guys to finish off the last squad.

With those guys done, I'll be posting muster pics in a separate post later. Must admit, they do look good all mustered up but then they have taken almost a year to finish!

Now I've got my painting mojo back, I'm going to crack on with the few projects I've got to get finished before starting this years projects. I've got a few bits to do on the field ambulance project and I've got an executioner half built on the painting station, once that's done I'll have finished the armoured company and I'll be ready to start my veteran platoon and the naval beach assault force.

It's good to be back, I did feel the blog was getting a bit too wordy lately!


Mordian7th said...

Looking great, Colonel! I'm looking forward to seeing the muster pics - I love the urban theme you've done, inspirational stuff as always!

Admiral Drax said...


Unknown said...

Looking good, glad you and your paintbrush are talking again!

Zzzzzz said...

I find it's a bit like exercise, when you don't do any (painting/modelling or running/climbing) for a while then it becomes harder to get back into it.

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Looking good dude, glad to see you're back in the painting chair and bringing out some nice models.

You should all know, and probably aware that the photo's don't do these models justice at all. I've seen some of the previous painted models close up and they're truly amazing. Loving the Advisors.


Hal'jin said...

Great as always!

I've recently got this painting fever as well. Should've been burning it on my Wolves but am instead working on a comission, after all it will let me get more Wolves. *cough*

And what Zzzzzz said. I also seem to think my quality dropped quite a bit when I wasn't paitning for a while. :S

jmezz382 said...

Looks great colonel .....

Frag_Dad said...

Looking great! I'm looking forward to a full-army shot, I'm sure it will be extremely impressive.

I'm at a point where I want to start some painting again, and seeing these models certainly gives me even more motivation!

Dannis said...

Nicely done! Really like the skin tones. The clothes have a cool effect as well.

On another note, the RPG still has a moldline my eye spots! But that's up to you if you change it. Also the hair on the captain kinda blends into the skin. I suggest to do the hair another color, or atleast make it stand out somehow. As on first glance I thought he was bald, with a very weird paintjob on top of his head.. sorry! :P
On a closer look it is hair, I don't know if in real life thi is the same, but it is a thing you might want to look into.

Looking forward to more army pics!

Rath of Un said...

Models are looking sharp

Unknown said...

Nice Guard buddie! :)

WQRobb said...

I'm trying to kick my own painting slump. Good luck!

Tolcrothlogan said...

The best thing about these is the nice black base edges!

Col. Corbane said...

@Mordian7th - Thanks matey, once I get the field ambulance and armoured company finished, I'll get them all together for a muster shot!

@Drax - Cheers mate.

@Ricalope - Yes, we're friends again, the cravings have stopped and I can actually sit still for longer than 10 minutes now.

@ZZZZZ - Must admit, the first couple of colours were a struggle but now I'm back in the swing of things, it's going well and I've already started my next project.

@Draz - Cheers matey :-)

@Hal'jin - More wolves, that's just wrong! It doesn't take long for your muscles to remember what they're doing. Looking forward to seeing your stuff mate.

@Jmezz382 - Cheers mate.

@Frag_Dad - Pick up your brush mate, can't wait to see what you knock out!

@Dannis - Well spotted, I missed the wash on the hair. On the mould lines, these models were actually a trade and already built. I thought I'd got all the mould lines but obviously not!

@Rath of Un - Cheers mate.

@Mercer - Cheers dude!

@WQRobb - Just pick up your brush and go for it mate, good luck to you too!

@Tolcrothlogan - That's a nice thing to say, and to think I gave you a place to stay! I take by your insult, you're really impressed with them, and if not, I'm just going to pretend you're impressed to piss you off! - lol. Regards to the family matey and isn't it time you went back to your little Gruber tanks - lol