Saturday, 7 November 2009


When I first got back in to the hobby 7 years ago, it was by painting a genestealer I found whilst looking for a cable for the tv. At the time, everything was piled in a small box room along with all the other stuff that just didn't fit in our tiny house. Some more digging found the rest of the squad and some paint. One year later I had this.

I played Tyranids for quite a while and just loved the hoard approach. The entire force is made up of .....

3 Hive Tyrants
3 Tyrant guard
11 Warriors
36 Genestealers
120 Hormaguants
54 Guants
6 Ravenors
3 Zoanthropes
3 Carnifexes
2 Biovores
Red White Terror
6 Ripper swarms
Scythed Hierodule
Barded Hierodule

Giving a grand total of 7000pts 'ish. Here's some close ups ...

And finally, here's the one and only model my wife has painted. She did it in an hour and it's her first time painting. Doesn't it gut you when the wife is a better painter than you and has no interest whatsoever in painting any more.


Anonymous said...

That is one mighty impressive army you have there. You really need to have a single condensed army shot, because that would look amazing. I tried downloading your photos and stitching them together for you in a couple of different programs, but none of them worked (presumably because the position you were in when you took the photos?).

Whatever the case, stitching your photos together to make a panaramic picture is easy. There are a bunch of tools out there:

I guess you just have to take the pictures right. Here's a quick movie on how to do that:

AWESOME army, mang.

Col. Hessler said...

Dude, that is one awesome 'Nid army. If I ever start another faction it will either be Tyranids or Orks. Those models just seems to lend themselves to cool painting schemes, I don't believe I have ever seen your before. Looks sharp!

Cheers, mate!

Shrink to Fit said...

Amazing! One of my favorite things to see is a nicely painted Tyranid horde.

Sholto said...

That is a hugely impressive horde. It's pics like that that make me want to play tyranids. Fantastic job!

MIK said...

Darn impressive indeed! Nice looking army, you should be proud!

CylonDave said...

That's am awesome display of bugs. I have to agree with you on the whole horde idea, it's just a lot of fun to rush lots of the gaunts forward and eat up what you can. Cool looking army! :)

oni said...

Nioe army.

Imperialjustice18 said...

I love the heirodule, god damn you FW!

SandWyrm said...