Friday, 31 July 2009

571 Infantry Company - 2nd Platoon

2nd platoon came into being after reading some of the rumoured pre release rules of the new codex. The idea of a whole platoon, over 100 men making up a single troop choice just amazed me so much, I had to do one. I decided that I didn't want conscript, as the Corbanian 1st are a professional army. I've nearly completed the platoon, I only need to do two more heavy weapons squad and another ten man squad. The heavy weapons teams are sitting on my painting station primed and ready as I type this.

Command Squad


Flamer Support Squad
Grenade Launcher Support Squad
1st Sqaud
2nd Squad

3rd Squad

4th Squad

Missile Launcher Squad

Mortar Squad

Heavy Bolter Squad


Joe B said...

Wow Col. that is an impressive amount of men you've painted up. I've been working on my own platoons and it has taken me a lot longer than hoped. How long has this platoon taken you so far?

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks mate, I've been working on it since March. I figure another month and I'll have it finished, hopefully!


Admiral Drax said...

Oh. Oh. Lovely. What a sight to see!

This all makes me so happy!

Good to see grenade launcher squads too: I love grenade launchers.

I really ought to take pics of my other finished platoon, or both together, oughtn't I?

- Drax.

Col. Corbane said...

You really should mate, get them mustered!

Gorefest5 said...

Wow, lovely work; very detailed. Love the Chimera, all the stowage is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Absolutly love the banner... I think that's a "steal for my own company, idea...