Saturday, 6 June 2009

2 more squads for 2nd platoon

I've been avoiding the Valkyrie and Hellhammer quite well this past week. Instead of tackling these mammoth projects, I've been working well within my comfort zone by knocking out a commissar and another two squads for 2nd platoon.

That leaves me with one more troop squad, two heavy weapon squads and a few odd models for the command squad. I'm also going to have to do quite a few vox casters to take the best advantage of the new orders system. On the painting point, with these guys and the commissar done since the last update, that's 21 points from the infantry total, finally taking me back into the black and slowly towards my goal.

I'm going to leave 2nd platoon for a while now and get stuck into a few of my other projects, including the trenches now my nearest and dearest has let me back on her newly repair editing suite.


Mordian7th said...

Those look fantastic - I really like the camo scheme you're using. Great stuff!

MIK said...

Great color scheme for sure, and I like those bases too. How did you do the missile launchers, those aren't standard are they?

asx said...

Those are very nice. I like the bases in particular very much - how did you do them?

Admiral Drax said...

I'm so very, very jealous of the speed with which you work.

I've almost finished my three mortar teams in three weeks.


And this is supposed to be the quietest half term!

Ho-hum. Bloody well done, mate - they look blinding.

Col. Corbane said...

@Mordian7th - Thanks mate

@Mik - Thanks mate, no the ML are from the HW teams, I just prefer them on single bases.

@Asx - Thanks mate, if you look a bit further down my blog, there's a tutorial on how I do my bases.

@Drax - Thanks mate and don't be too jealous, I'm not a particularly fast painter, I've just had quite a bit of hobby time recently, that all :-)

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