Sunday, 7 June 2009

Grey Knight reinforcements

What's this? Has Col. Corbane wandered from the guard path? Nah, I love my guys, but they weren't the first army I had.

Whilst cleaning off a shelf in my display cabinet, I decided I'd take the opportunity to get some pics of my Grey Knights. It's a force I picked up a few years ago, I've never really played with them much as I just find them to difficult to play in 5th edition.

Anyway, here's the overall army, coming in at 1500pts ...






I've got a few more unpainted models in a box and at some point, I'd like to give them a Land Raider with the FW upgrades. I'll probably wait until they get a new codex, so it won't be any time soon.


Raptor1313 said...

It's a damn shame Grey Knights look so sharp but have such dated rules.

About the only Grey Knight force I saw that was really nasty was triple-land-raider Grey Knights, but I suspect the nastiness had as much to do with the fact there were three land raiders as it did their cargo.

Side note, but do none of those Knights have the standard backpacks?

Admiral Drax said...

They're pretty impressive!

I've always enjoyed how imposing and Gothic those models look - and so few to make 1500pts! Wow.

And yes, GKs should be hard as nails. Sad though it is, I reckon these chaps'd get slaughtered wholesale by an equal Guard force, and doubtless marines or orks too.

They're not designed to cope with the new-style daemons, either.