Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Blobs Attack!

The Imperium of Mankind faces a new threat, it encroaches it's borders destroying everything in its path. This new threat does not fit with any previous race encountered ....... they are THE BLOBS!

I woke this morning after having a strange dream with an idea for a new 40k race. A gelatinous race of unstoppable blobs rampaging through the Imperium. At first, I dismissed the idea, but slowly through the day, the old cogs turned and I think I can pull it off.

I've been looking through the Necron codex, and I think it'll work as a basis for the blobs. First off, the units are very standard, ie, they're either warriors or destroyers, etc. There's no individualisation within the units, there's no heavy weapons guy or squad leaders. This will make it easier to just build various different squads of blobs without having to worry about identifying specific models within the squad. A lot of the characteristics of the army fit well with the idea of the blobs, even the we'll be back rules with the blobs reforming from splats.

I've been doing a bit of thinking with regards to how I model them, and I've got a load of polystyrene eggs that I can use for the basic shape of the models and then build up the folds and tentacles using green stuff. The main characteristic will be a blob like body with a 'arm' extending from the top with an eyeball on the end of it. I'm also thinking of adding some kind of mouth of sorts although I'm not sure about arms?

So far, I've got the following units in mind.

  • Blobs - Basic Necron warriors comprising of blobs on 25mm bases.
  • Splatters - Big flying blobs with bigger eyeball arms representing Necron heavy destroyers.
  • Wigglers - Small snake like blobs with large eyes instead of heads representing scarab swarms.
  • Bloboliths - Need I say more?

So guys, what do you think? Inspired? Crazy? Unique? Would you play them? 


Ginge said...

I think the blobs reforming after being destroyed is very T1000... so technically you're using the perfect codex :oP

Col. Hessler said...

Sounds interesting. Reminds of an alien race from a series of books I read called Starfist. Looking forward to more, mate.

sonsoftaurus said...

Blob xenos sounds great to me. Maybe have them allied to the Tau so they can be Goo-vesa. ;-)

I wouldn't worry about specific arms, just have them creating pseudopods as needed.

Zzzzzz said...

So then........ they spray gouts of runny goo (gauss flayer) ?

Bring it on. Siam Hain vs the blobs.

FoxPhoenix135 said...

Here and I thought this was going to be a post on the IG...

MIK said...

Blobs could be the new Intelligent Apes!

MIK said...

Blobs could be the new Intelligent Apes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds awesome idea!

And if this works out, I really might steal the idea and make something with some of that Cernit i have, seems like it should be fine at least for the base model, some green or gray stuff for detailing.

But fluff wise where do they come from and what motive do they have?

I would think they fit with having a tyranid like agenda rather necron:ish.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea! You could make a few different moulds and pure some toy slime in them. Freeze them inside the moulds and then put some clear resin around them to keep their shape after they get defrosted. You can use small bead eyes while their are freezing.

Mark said...

Fantastic idea. The game universie is chock full of weird xenos and we never see any of them. I'm looking forward to seeing this project in action.

Blitzspear said...

What a great idea
You could give them the imperial designation of Gelatimorphes. And this is there leader lol