Wednesday, 1 December 2010

I need a little help guys

As most of you know, I have a little side project blog on campaigns called Going on Campaign. As part of the project, I'm converting completed sections into pdfs. I've got the text sorted, but I need some help with padding it out with images, so I'm asking if a bit of help from the blogosphere.

My picture wishlist includes ....
  • Photos of campaign maps (hex, drawn, whatever).
  • Photos of people playing over a campaign map or sitting planning a campaign together.
  • Photos of peoples models on nice looking terrain without bit's of the real world in the background. I'm looking for close up squad level photos rather than entire army shots guy.
  • Any cool 40k drawings (especially if they have some sort of planning, command, campaign slant!)
  • Finally, some kind of 40k map drawing that I can use for a faded page background .
Feel free to email anything to me at

Thanks in advance guys!

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