Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Freeboota

Many moons ago, I was a member of the 40k Radio Freeboota forums. During that time, they were gathering material for The Freeboota e-zine, so I shared my Magnetising the Valkyrie tutorial with them.

Well, for various reasons, it's been about a year since I submitted it and after leaving the forum, I sort of forgot about it. That was until a few weeks ago when the editor dropped me a line to say it was coming out soon.

Anyway, the e-zine is out now, and if you're interested, take a nose for yourself. Just ignore their comments about my licking, I'm not a deviant, honest.

Also, I actually dug out the painting station and did a little painting yesterday. I've only undercoated Harkers Squad and one of my Starstreak Hydras. It was a small amount hobby wise, but a big step for in getting my mojo going.


samurai said...

Question: Do you know anyone who is going to Games Day?

I am hoping to ask for someone to pick up a Chap book for me.

Col. Corbane said...

Sorry mate, I don't. Hope it works out for you.