Sunday, 12 August 2012

It's been a while, is anyone still here?

It's been a while, is anyone still here?

Well, obviously I've not blogged in a while but I thought I'd give it another go since me and my little man have got into hobbying together. I'll be honest, we haven't done much on the 40k side but with my brother rekindling his Eldar interests and the release of 6th ed, that could possibly change. What's 6th ed like anyway?

So, what have we been up to, well there's been a little bit of this (Thanks Sam) ....

Quite a bit of this ....

And a little bit of delving into historical wargaming, but enough about that now. So, are you still around guys? say hi in the comments if you are or give me a shout on twitter .... @ColCorbane

Hope to be catching up soon guys!


Karitas said...


still here :)

welcome back.

oniakki said...

heya, still here as well.

Unknown said...

me too, and I think that 6ed will satisfy you if you love cinematic experiences, the game I played felt like the ball was pass back and fort, really cool.

Peter Ball said...

Good to see you back!

Zzzzzz said...

Oh man, You've missed sooooo much ! There was, er, ummmm. Well.

Good to see you back anyway. Getting the Heretics and Renegades 'improved'. So start working on your weekend pass - the Corbanian 1st have a famous last stand to make...

Admiral Drax said...

Welcome back, Matey! Hope you and yours are well.

I've not yet had a chance to play 6th Edition, but it certainly does look as if it's designed for fun and a cinematic feel, as Ramirez noted, above.

Either way: you're back.

"And there was much rejoicing."

Kevin Spyrle said...

Welcome back!

6th edition is filled with all sorts of things that will let you have a great time if you let it.

I'd say for your first couple of games to pick a mission and deployment so you start to learn those. Enjoy the mysterious woods, objectives and water. They are pretty cool. Fight over Archotech Artifacts that might hold psycher parasites or piles of dust.

Most of all you've missed checking out all the great things your fellow bloggers have been up to and drawing some inspiration from them.

The first time you kill a few of the enemy trying to assault you with your Over-watch/Snap-Shots, you'll be praising their marksmanship and wondering why you couldn't do this in previous editions.

Good to see you back, now its time to get Harker back into the fight!

Raise the banners! Sound the trumpets! Announce via the planetary Vox, "The Corbanian 1st March to War"

ColKillgore said...

Hey, Still following. I have been playing in a 40k league and like 6th edition so far.


Col. Corbane said...

@Karitas - Good to know mate and cheers!

@Oniakki - Cool mate

@WFOR - I'm looking forward to giving it a try mate

@Peter - Cheers mate

@ZZZZ - LOL, looks like I've got a bit of catching up to do mate

@Drax - Hey mate! We're all good, how are you and yours? Glad to be back :o)

@Spyrle - Cheers mate, chuffed to hear overwatch is back, gonna have to get a copy asap.

Thanks guys, glad to know the blogosphere is still alive and kicking :o)


HuronBH said...

Hey Col, good to see you poking your head back out. Congrats on the kids taking interest and allowing you to Hobby once again.

Personally, I have been doing a lot more Warmachine and Historical gaming recently. Got into WAB/W&C, Dust, and Saga recently and haven't done much with the new 40K.

Hope things are well.

Dai said...

I wasn't before, but I am now.

Hope that counts? :)

davetaylor said...

Still here Colonel ; )


Col. Ackland said...

I took a long break too, but now I have my boys getting ready to join the battlefield in 6th (although I too still haven't checked 6th out!)

PoliticalOfficerKrad said...

Yeah man. Posting more than ever.

sonsoftaurus said...

Welcome back!

Col. Hessler said...

Still plugging away, Mel. Good to see you resurface for some hobby! Best to you and yours.

Cadian 127th said...

Still here!

Gotthammer said...

No, not here, just an illusion ;p

Been teaching my young 'un to paint too :)

Col. Corbane said...

@Killgore - Cool mate, gonna have to get me a copy asap

@HuronBH - LOL, actually, I've been delving into Saga with a couple of mates, I'm in the process of putting together a 6pt Norman list. Do you still podcast?

@Dai - It'll do for me mate

@DT - Never doubted it for a second mate!

@ColAckland - Sounds like you're in the same situation as me mate

@POKrad - Cool mate

@SOTaurus - Cheers mate

@Col Hessler - Cheers mate, bet your army is massive now

@CH - Good to know mate

Really chuffed with the response guys!

Col. Corbane said...

@Goth - You and me both mate!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Still here, Mel. You've been very much missed. Very pleased you're back on the Blogosphere. Still got your link on my Blogroll - keeping the faith!