Wednesday, 28 October 2009

That's it, I'm done!

I've had enough guys, I'm burnt out, knacked, disillusioned. I've just gone to paint up some heavy weapons for 2nd platoon and I just couldn't bring myself to put paint on the models. It felt like a choir, not something that I love doing.

It's not surprising really, I've painted a phenomenal amount of models (for me) since starting this blog. Combined with the fact that I haven't really got many games in these past few months, it's understandable. Sometimes, I'm envious of these people who pick up different armies all the time, or finish an army and leave it at that. The problem is that I love my guard, I want regiments of them, all lined up, even if I know that I'll probably never use all of them. It's the curse of the lifelong guarder!

So, I've decided, I'm not painting any more guard.

For at least a couple of weeks (see what I did there, that's a Dan Abnett moment). I don't care if I'm up for it tomorrow, I'm having a break. It'll mean skipping the TEOMP challenge this time round, but I'm sure that won't be a major problem. I might paint something else for a bit of fun but no guard. I think I'm going to get stuck in to the Gaunt's Ghosts books. I've already started another 'big long term' which I'm sure loads of you will love and get involved, but I'm not ready to reveal that to the community.

So, I'm off to work on that, and there's not a paintbrush in sight.


Tristan M said...

I hear that! Definitely why I've spread around the chapter love for my marines - to ensure I don't get too bored of painting any chapter.

Would definitely suggest painting something different. I've recently been painting individual fantasy models to build up the characters from warhammer quest. Painting a single model at a time as opposed to batch painting works wonders too. :)

Big Jim said...

I totally feel your pain, been there done that got the silly shirt.

This is why I always have a side project going. Something I'm not worried about finishing in a timely manner. It helps me from hitting roadblocks.


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

I too, hit my limit not long ago. I painted over 2800 pts of IG in less than 9 months. Followed that up with, about 500pts of SWs. I needed a break. So, other than a Drop Pod door, I haven't painted in weeks. I got alot of games in and am wanting to get back to the SWs. I'm still not ready for more IG, though.

Mordian7th said...

I absolutely feel your pain - I came down with a crippling case of guard army painting fatigue a while back, and I'm still not totally over it.

Having a side project (or projects as the case may be, heh) definitely helps me keep my enthusiasm for painting up.

Nevertheless, sometimes a complete painting break for a week or three does wonders as well! Good luck with the decompressing...

MIK said...

Take a breath, stretch your legs, but never say never!

Brother Vizlani said...

Definitely take a break, a walk, whatever.

You might find that it breaths new life into your army.

SC Mike said...

damn, I know what you feel but I am a year ahead of you. I only paint what I want, don't worry about armies, don't really play games and just take forever modeling one thing. It just works better man, try it. Spend two weeks on one guy, you will feel a lot better!
Santa Cruz Warhammer

Marshal Argos said...

I know the feeling mate. I've been collecting my guard off and on for almost 10 years now, and I have lost track how many times I needed to take a break for a while. Sometimes it helps to paint something else for a while (I still have 40 or so marines that I started 3 years ago to finish) and sometimes you just need to step back from the whole thing for a few weeks.

Your minis will all be there when you get back, your regiments lined up, banners waving in the breeze, standing at attention, as you once again pick up the brush.

Itkovian said...

Ditto to what all o' them said. :D

Once I've finished the 25 terminators I have to paint (just so I can say I have a painted, legal army...), I'm going to be branching out into several different projects and rotating between them to give some variety.

Hudson said...

Take a bit of time off from the guard to work on something else. Or just step back from hobbying for a bit and play some small-point games. When you're ready to finish them, finish them.

Cawshis Clay said...

Good that you realized it instead of coming to hate your guard! Take a break, enjoy the winter and maybe pick up another project or model to paint. Enjoy yourself!

Hobbies aren't supposed to be work, after all!

Looking forward to your (rejuvenated) return!

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks guys, glad I'm not the only one who's gone through this.

I've already got a writing project on the go, but I like the idea of painting up some single fantasy models just for fun, thanks Tristan.

I used to love Advanced Heroquest and Warhammer quest, I wonder if you can still get the rules anywhere?

NemFX said...

Painting is my least favourite part of the hobby. Other than the 'being poor' part. Sounds like what you need to do is make something crazy. A giant robot or a base for them or something.