Thursday, 15 April 2010

Outstanding ForgeWorld service

I like ForgeWorld, over the years I bought quite a bit from them and occasionally, I've had the odd missing piece or miscast and they've always been excellent at sorting it out. It normally takes just one quick call and before you know it, the new part arrives.

Today, I'd like to share a story of outstanding customer service. I ordered some Hyperios Air Defence platforms from ForgeWorld, when they arrived the fronts were a bit miscast but at the time, things were a bit manic with family life so I put the box up to sort when things calmed down a bit. This is what they looked like when they arrived ....

Anyway, I got them out over the weekend for an upcoming project and then remembered that the fronts were miscast, so I gave ForgeWorld a call to see about getting them replaced. They said send them back and they'd replace them for me, so they went into the post this morning.

Now, you may be wondering why this is such outstanding customer service, well the family life issue I mentioned about earlier when they were ordered was the birth of my son and he's about to turn five!

Yes, that's right, ForgeWorld are replacing parts I ordered five years ago, now that's what I call outstanding customer service! I hope they turn up soon as I'm gagging to get stuck into my project, more about that when they turn up guys.


sonsoftaurus said...

Great story, and kudos to them.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had an issue where I ordered transfers from them that came all wonky... I sent them an email and a pic of one of the transfers (unasked for BTW - just didn't want the guy to think I was trying to pull one on him) and 5 days later it was at my house in the states...

Mordian7th said...

That is excellent service Corbane! I'm unfortunately in the midst of my first less-than-awesome go around with FW, I'd ordered a mix of items a few weeks back and the Elysian grav chutes I'd ordered weren't included in the box. I've emailed them three times over the last two weeks with no response which is surprising based on previous service I've had with them. I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and give them a phonecall to get it sorted. To be fair though, this is the very first time I've ever had an issue with them in the years and years I've been ordering from them... I still have to give them an A for overall service!

The Dark Templar said...

I have nothing but praise for their customer service, even if sometimes you get miscast items sent out, which can be a pain.

I ordered two sets of FW Plaguemarines about 12 months ago, but when I opened the box only one set was inside, even though the enclosed delivery note said two.

One phonecall and 24hrs later another set arrived without any fuss or inquisition. I was worried they may think I was pulling a fast one to scam more plaguemarines out of them, but there was no problem, just an apology for the mistake.


CanolliCrusader said...

I have nothing but good things to say about GW and FW customer service...truely top notch.

great write up!

Death 0F Angels said...

Yep, their customer service is ace.

eriochrome said...

One problem with FW and GW customer service seems to be answering emails. Calling the UK from the states can get pricey when you are trying to get their quality control problems sorted.

They know those parts are miscast and they still ship them hoping the customer will let it slide. Every nice of them to fix it 5 years later but not as nice as just looking at the parts before shipping them and saying "These are bad we cannot ship them."

Zzzzzz said...

Always spot with replacements, after the first phone call.

I even had a conversation explaining my DKK contingent and the sprinkling of miscast bits; So they supplied (cast up special for me) a set of arms to replace all the dodgy ones.

I've never tried to email FW, as the phone calls are always spot on and cheer me up. a bit.

Firewasp said...

Forgeworld customer service has been brilliant for me as well. Once I got the wrong torso for me warhound. I phoned up, replacement arrived the following day.

Anonymous said...

I have been on the unfortunate end of poor service. I ordered some Black Templar doors for my Landraider when I was still doing Marines and I waited. And waited. After about a month I gave them a call and they said that the package had been sent. So I waited some more. 9 months after I bought them they arrived.

Col. Corbane said...

Their customer service never ceases to amaze me guys, I'm just waiting for the bits to turn up so I can crack on with my latest madness!

@Sonsoftaurus - I'm so impressed with them mate, the kudos is well deserved.

@clt40k - It amazes me how fast they get replacement stuff out mate.

@Mordian7th - Just give them a call mate, I've always got a better response by phone. I'm sure they'll sort it out for you.

@DarkTemplar - Now that's a fast fix mate.

@CanolliCrusader - Only dealt with GW on customer service issues once and I've got to say I agree with you mate, they sorted it with no issues at all.

@Death of Angels - totally agree mate.

@eriochrome - Call mate, it'll only be a quick call and it'll be sorted. I know what you mean on the initial shipping but I think they've got a lot better since I ordered the Hyperios platforms.

@Zzzzz - Excellent service mate, I suspect they've cast up stuff specially for me as well.

@Firewasp - Now that is impressive, I think that's the big part I've heard them replacing.

@Jason - I had to wait in the past for stuff, I think the most was 2 months but 9 months takes the mick, I'd have been on the phone mate.

Uncle Puck said...

5 years? Wow, now that IS impressive! That sounds like an urban myth, except it really happened to you.

~ Pax Urbis Pax Imperi