Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Barrels and boxes everywhere

As I've mentioned previously, we're seriously getting into dungeon delving with little man. Our ruleset of choice is the old Heroquest game from MB games.

Now, in typical Corbania Prime style, the idea of playing on the board that comes with the game or even the modular card floors that come with GW's Advanced Heroquest just didn't seem good enough. This led us to look into ways of making a proper 3D dungeon and ultimately, led us to the Hirst Arts brick molds.

Now our dungeon is coming together nicely (I'll blog about that soon) but little man commented that we needed some more bits for the dungeon because it was a bit bare compared to some of the pictures we'd been looking at online. This led us to buy the dungeon accessories mold which I have to say is brilliant.

The mold is designed to create a host of items that you'd find in a dungeon or fantasy setting. There's a host of barrels, boxes, crates, chest, buckets, sacks, bowls, as well as a really large barrel, treasure pile and other ornaments. There's even crystals (Necrons anyone?) and a wooden bridge!

We've only really experimented with the barrels and boxes so far but they really do enhance the dungeon rooms

Painting them couldn't be easier, little man did these with two coats of a foundation brown and a devlan mud wash.

With a little added dry brushing, they really do look realistic.

Overall, they're cracking accessory pieces for any 28mm fantasy game and even futuristic settings. Hopefully, we'll be bringing you more pics really soon.



Peter Ball said...

Those really are some darling little pieces!

Admiral Drax said...


Now, how is it that even after 20 years of the hobby I STILL can't paint wood that well?

Col. Corbane said...

@Peter - Are they just, they really do bring the dungeon to life

@AD - Tell me about it mate, I had to did out a tutorial for these. The old grey matter ain't what it used to be lol