Friday, 15 February 2013

The War Diary of Major Tiberius Corbane

These are the words of the dead.

We no longer fight defiantly to an honourable end.

The time of standing proudly side by side, brother to brother, facing the cursed corruption ended three days ago with the great betrayal.

Now scattered throughout the city, surrounded by the cursed, we seek only righteous retribution for our loves lost and unrelenting vengeance for the day that will come to us all.

Until that day comes, we are the Corbanian 1st, our deaths will cost them dearly!

Major Tiberius Corbane
Commander of the Last of the Lost

Three days after the Betrayal


Zzzzzz said...

Sorry, you're not allowed to stop there, carry on please.

Dai said...

Zzzzzz has a good point. Get on with it.