Wednesday, 23 September 2009

TEOMP 4 and the School Project.

OK, I'm sorry for how late this is but I've been having net problems and this is the first chance I've had to post these.

Admiral Drax came up with this objective marker.

Mordian7th gave us this excellent Valk

14th Grand Company did these great heavy weapons teams

Defending Humanity came up with this IG command squad.

Gloranthan Army amazed us all with these

Anything but a One came up with this

Unfortunately, I didn't complete this challenge, in truth, I didn't really start it. I was working hard on the school project I put myself up for. Here's some finished pics of the first piece, I know the colours are a bit Balamory but it is for 4yr olds.

Finally, one of my painting team getting well stuck in!

I'm already working on the next one based on a village, I'll post some pics as I get more done. I'm also trying to keep my hand in on the 40k side as well. I've just finished putting together a vanquisher, so I'll be posting pics of that tomorrow.

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