Monday, 7 September 2009

TOEMP 3rd challenge roundup.

I've taken over the reins of the TOEMP's challenge from 73rd whilst he off travelling for the month. We've all been busy painting for the latest challenge, here's what I've had in so far.

First off, we have a command squad from Mordian 7th ....

Painting points this challenge = 30pts

Next up, we have two blood pact sentinels from Dnyarak.

Painting points this challenge = 29pts

Here we have an armoured fist squad from Admiral Drax

Painting points this challenge = 14

Paul from World in Miniature put together this sentinel.

Painting points this challenge = 15pts

KingofKanadia from Anything but a 1 painted up this sister ..

Painting points for this challenge = 6pts

Defending Humanity painted up a Company Commander and retinue.

Painting Points this challenge = 25pts

Blood and Blades painted up this Master of the Forge

Painting points this challenge = 4pts

Finally, me, I managed to get my advisors done ten minutes before the deadline, I'll be doing a proper post on them later.

Painting points this challenge = 14pts

Gloranthan Army did this squadron of sentinels

Painting points this challenge = 35pts

That's it for now, I'll be updating this post as and when the late entries come in.


Mordian7th said...

Fantastic work, everyone!

I love those advisors, Corbane - each little vignette is top notch work!

Nix said...

The master of the forge is Jay from Blood and Blades blog ( Excellent blog and very nice Mini. I had the privileged of playing against him last weekend and watching his MotF kill off my Eldar.

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks mate.

@Nix - thanks for the info, I've updated it now.

Craig said...

Col, your advisors look fantastic, your whole army is so aesthetically cohesive! great work.
The blending on those sentinels is something ay!

Great work fellas keep it up

Dj Batman said...

They Look great guys!!

Once I get myself more organised I think I might have to join in or jump on board the next one you begin! :D