Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2009 Annual Review

As New Years eve gets closer, I thought I'd look back over the year and sum up how I feel it's been for my 40k hobby and this blogging lark.

First off, hobbywise, I've got quite a bit done. Back before the new guard codex release, I decided that this year, I'd try to put together a full infantry platoon, less the conscripts for my mech guard force. As the end of the year draws in, I've got the final 9 figures on my painting station waiting to complete the 100+ troop choice. It' strange to think that I've spent a good part of the year on one force organisation slot. I've managed to add a few tanks to my force with the release of the new codex, and even made the odd bit of terrain. One thing I have noticed is that I've become a bit pattern set with my guard, with them being uniform. I've spent the year painting shades of grey, which hasn't really improved my painting skill, so I'm going to have to look at that

I've also dipped my fingers into the sculpting and converting with a few small projects like my snipers, marbo, advisers and the ongoing field ambulance project. Although they've soaked up a lot of time, I've really enjoyed putting them together and they are the models I'm most proud of. I definitely want to get more into the sculpting / converting / scratch building side of the hobby next year. 

On the gaming side, I must admit, it's been a complete failure. I don't think I've had more than six games this year, which considering I've spent the last year painting models to play with, it's a pretty piss poor situation. I'd like to say that this or that got in the way, but in all honesty, I've just been lazy. The nearest place to play is just short of an hour away and only open on a Friday night, so it takes a real effort to get me out of the house and rolling dice. This is something else that I intend to improve on in 2010.

Finally, on this blogging malarkey. I wandered into blogging back in march after getting disillusioned with forum and the various sorts of personalities you get on them. Nine months in, I've got to say it's going great. I never thought I'd enjoy it so much and people seem to like what I'm doing. So, I'm looking forward to more blogging in the new year. I have noticed that I haven't done much work on my campaign blog this month but it is a long term side project, so I'm not feeling to guilty about it, I'll posting more campaign rules in the new year.

So, all in all, a good year. There's a few issues I intend address in the new year but for now, thanks for taking the time to read this and following my blog if you do. Hope you have a great new years eve and I'll see you 2010.


SC Mike said...

whatever you have done, you are now my favorite blog for everyday stuff

Col. Corbane said...

Cheers matey, although I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'everyday stuff'?

Anonymous said...

You can certainly chalk 2009 up in the win column. 100 painted models, some fabulous new scuplts, and a great blog to boot. My 2010 goal is going to be to try to match your pace from a year ago...

HuronBH said...

Great job man. I have to agree, your blog is one of my favorites and one of the ones I check for updates regularly. Of all your work this year I have to say the most inspiring is the Ambulance and crew you are churning out currently. They are great and I look forward to seeing what you come up with next year. Keep up the good work!

Admiral Drax said...

Particularly like your characterful conversions and (now) sculpts. Great stuff.

As for playing, I got two games in on a weekend in February, and a four-game day's tourney in September.

In January, however, I plan to travel all the way to Cambridge (from Devon) for a 'smackdown' with some old mates from uni...we'll see how that goes!

Bloody well done, mate. Here's to 2010.

SC Mike said...

with everyday stuff I mean, the blogroll you have is becoming more relevant to me then the FTW one. IT's getting way too big and a lot of writers on your's are one I like.
so I have been finding myself on your site everyday to check out the blog rolls

Col. Corbane said...

@W39 - Go for your life mate, good luck with 2010.

@Huron - Cheers mate, if you liked the ambulance project, you'll love what I've got planned for 2010.

@Drax - Happy new year mate, to you and the two ladies in your life. Hopefully, we'll both get a few more games in this year. Are you planning to do the GT at the end of the year?

@Mike - Ah, I thought you were on about of occasionally life comments - lol.

Finally, happy new year guys, hope it brings you plenty of hobby fun.

Zzzzzz said...

Col C; Drax and yourself are the yardstick by which I measure my fits and starts progress. And probably a significant part of the reason for my bloggin' as well. Thank you for the inspiration.