Sunday, 20 December 2009

Way back when ...........

So, I was flicking through an old copy of WD109 when I came across the inaugural guard article. Well, I say article, at 22 pages, it was more like a codex. Things were very different back then, first off, GW only put one advert for the 'new' guard box in the entire article!

Anyway, onto the boys, way back when I was a boy, the guard was a very different army. We flew around on land speeders and jet bikes, we drove into battle land raiders and rhinos.

Our sgts packed vortex grenades, our troopers packed conversion beamers and d-cannons and we had assault squads, yes, you heard me right, guard assault squads, with jump packs!!!

We were very inclusive in the day, we'd take criminals, squats, ratlings, ogryns and even beastmen, I jest ye not. Back in the day, we also used some dodgy methods of getting the job done, like suicide bombers, yes that's right, us guard were miles ahead compared to the real world in using high explosives and stupid devout people to cause death and destruction.

As you can see, things were very different back then, and yet twenty years on, there's still so much that's the same. Unfortunately, White Dwarf isn't one of them, it makes me laugh when I heard you young whipper snappers going on about how rubbish WD is. For us greying vets, we remember a very different WD. In this issue, along with a 22 page guard codex, we had the vehicle rules for Adeptus Titanicus (Now epic), rules for greater demons in WFB & 40k, rules for goblin fantatics in blood bowl, the inaugural 40k terminator rules, the rules for reaver and warhound titans in AT (epic) and finally the rules for orc stone throwers and goblin chariots plus a host of letters, faqs, titbits and heavy metal.

Now that's what I call a White Dwarf!!!!!!!!

Finally, a quick update on my operating table for 462 Field Ambulance, it's almost done, I just need to finish the drip but I wanted to show you a wip because I'm really proud of how the green stuff work came out. What ya think guys?


CMDante said...

Field hospital conversion looks great! You should be rightly proud of the GS work as it's turned out very clean and smooth.

One question though? Are the lumps on the base going to end up as sand mounds? If so, you might want to consider adding some kind of fine granulated texture. Vallejo Sandy Past is great for this as the grains are a much more realistic size for sand at this scale than using actual sand will produce.

Again, very nice characterful conversion!

Tristan M said...

The GS is very smooth. I would've liked to see some exposed organs :O

Dan Eldredge said...

Your copy of WD109 is in better shape than mine! Back in those days I cut up the magazines so I could put the rules in a binder. Nowadays I wish I left the magazine intact.

And yes, WD was a VERY different beast back then.

Grizzled Gamer said...

Ah, I remember those days. I actually have a buddy who still has 6 Imperial Guard Land Speeders....he used to use them to do pop up attacks, while the rest of his army remained on overwatch.
Thanks for reminding me that I am old Col. LOL!

SC Mike said...

the stretcher guy looks great!

I just picked up an imperial guard bike with rider through the barter bucket. I will use him as a rough rider. expect a paintjob soon

Santa Cruz Warhammer

zealot said...

the ambulance/crew are really cool. I like your bases, very nice.

Mordian7th said...

That's a post after my own heart Corbane - The whole Mordian 7th I'm working on is dedicated to exactly that era of the Guard. It's a shame that WD is no longer the publication it once was...

I really like the operating table and GS work you've done, that is a fantastic bit of modeling you've done! Can't wait to see the final product!

Cawshis Clay said...

Very cool operating table, Col!

I remember the old guard. Man. Grav Tanks. I wish the Imperials could still field them as they were inspired some awesome conversions.

Soundwave said...

I'm impressed with your GS skills. What thing do you use to shape your GS? I've only got the GW metal one, which is pretty barbaric. Works well for Nurgle conversions but not much else!

Admiral Drax said...

Brilliant, as aye.

Thanks for the flashback too!

Col. Corbane said...

Thanks guys.

@CMDante - They're going to get covered in pva and gravel. I've got some of that textured paste, I just have used it as I don't know how. Do you just spread it on?

@Tristan - One step at a time mate, hopefully in the future, I'll give organs a go.

@Darkwing - I cry when I think of how much I've thrown out over the years.

@MG - Overwatch!, now there was a rule.

@CF - Cheers mate, can't wait to see what you do with him.

@Zealot - Cheers mate.

@Mordian - If you want me to photocopy the article for inspiration and post it to you, let me know.

@CC - Cheers mate, I suppose you could base them on valks, they're still skimmers.

@Soundwave - I'm using a clay shaper mate, most art shops stock them. I an't seem to get the hang of the gw sculpting tool.

@Drax - Cheers mate, glad to hear you're still alive ;-)

Zzzzzz said...

Oh how I wanted to be able to paint camouflage like the Necromundian 9th wore.

Heck, I still would, but never mind. Your post brings to mind things like the different symbols for support and assault weapons to dispaly on peoples helmets*, the occasional page with six or eight rhinos or 'raiders on it - with two of them in IG colours. I seem to remember the 'lucky sevens'featuring a lot. The good ol' days. Of WD anyway.

*Just like the space wombles had, at that time.

sovietspace said...

As everybody else has covered everything I could add, I just want to say that I found everything in this post to be awesome! Thanks!

Bill said...

I had that same WD.

Just rediscovering the hobby alongside an eager 6 year old who found all my bits in his grandmother's garage.

Amazing how much has changed since the early RT days. I still have a full squad of Human Bombs - metal bodies and plastic arms cradling non-descript lasguns.

Col. Corbane said...

Cheers guys.

@40kDad - I'd keep those RT troops mate, they're worth a small fortune. Welcome back to the hobby, hope you and your lad have as much for as me and mine do with the hobby.

CMDante said...

Yeah, to use the past I just apply it with an old brush and then let it dry. If you clean the brush immediately after use then it should be fine.

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