Friday, 11 December 2009

The moment you realise ....

I've had a bit of an epiphany, a moment of clarity recently. I was checking on the replies I've had on a few forums to my ambulance. A few people have asked what rules I'm going to use for it, and to be honest, I don't know, I never really thought about using it in a game.

Now, when I first started this blog, it was all about the game, yes I enjoyed the painting, but I was painting to get models on the tabletop. I did convert my advisers because I didn't like the GW ones but they were for the tabletop.

With my ambulance, it was converted and painted for the sake of it, it's probably going to spend the rest of it's life sitting on a shelf. With the year coming to an end, I've been thinking about next years projects, one of which will probably never really get used but is going to take up half my modelling efforts for the year.

So, I've realised that I've moved from being a gamer to being a painter and converter. I'm hoping that this isn't a permanent change, more a simple swing of the 40k pendulum and it'll swing back to the gaming side in 2010. I must admit, I've got very comfortable with painting in the evenings but I do need to get off my backside and get down the club for some games.

I can see a new year resolution coming on.


Jason said...

Do both! Don't let yourself ignore either.

In fact, I'm encouraging other people to do the same thing. Both play more games as well as get to painting their armies. =)

My YouTube 2010 Painting and Gaming Challenge. It's a gimmick. There is nothing forcing you to, other than the fact that you pledge to get out there and get some games in and share the results with people. The same goes for the painting.

Ginge said...

Probably better to squeeze it into apoc, as you get more leeway with fluffy rules in that generally.

My first thought would be that it grants Feel No Pain to all friendly units within 12" - not sure what point cost to put on that yet, maybe use a medic as a base cost and work from there to reflect the "medical radius" If you have a friendly gaming group you can probably find something agreeable.

Alternatively use it as an objective in a scenario. It's got some wounded high ranking rupert in it, and you have to get it back to your lines as quickly as possible. Naturally it starts pretty much on the other side of the table with the enemy in hot pursuit...

HuronBH said...

Things really fluctuate all the time in this hobby. Looking back at the top of 2009, I was definitely in the gamer mode, playing lots of games and not painting much. Then over Feb,March,April,and May I began to transfer to painter. June, July, and August saw me doing pretty much nothing but Painting and Modeling.

Sept flipped immediate as I started orks and off to the gaming table I went. Oct and November saw a bit more paint and a sparking of interest in Tournament play again.

Now here we are, half way through December and I have my head down getting model ready for the 2010 tournament season (and one last tournament in 2009). I do not play as much in the stores in the area on a regular basis as I have, just pretty much challenge games for the 40K pyramid that are really just test games for tournament lists. 2010 for me, at least the start of it is going to be about traveling outside and within the area I live in playing in as many tournaments and meeting as many new players as I can.

If painting and hobbying are what interest you right now, great. Keep at it until the next wave of inspiration heads your way and you flip to a new most important thing.

davetaylor said...

One of us, one of us, one of us... ; )

Welcome to the dark side.

Col. Corbane said...

@Jason - I plan to try to do both but I'm not ready to take on another army challenge, I've only just finished one mate.

@Ginge - Interesting rules mate, if it gets used, it'll probably be used as part of a campaign.

@Huron - I've just got comfortable on the sofa mate, my club is 45 minutes drive away, so it takes a bit of motivation to get off my arse and get a game in.

@Dave - Don't be using those sneaky corrupting words and smiles with me mate. It was your blog that inspired me to go for my next big project, you have a lot to answer for mister Taylor ;-)

Grizzled Gamer said...

That is the one thing I do like about this hobby, is that it allows all sort of different people enjoy the hobby. Personally, I only paint because I have to if I want to play in big tournaments. Otherwise, I would play with plastic and pewter models!
That is not to say that I do not enjoy a good paint job, because I do. I just know my limitations due to my injuries in the military. I paint the best I can and go. However, I truly do enjoy looking at great conversions and paint jobs.

Anonymous said...

Isn't there a City Fight strategem that's a med station or something of that sort that gives units within 'x' amount o finches feel no pain?


Anonymous said...

'amount OF inches'

I really need to read back over these BEFORE hitting the post comment icon...


NemFX said...

You could run it as a straight up chimera..

I'm making an ambulance to land speeder storm proxy. When it's done, it'll either look like a fancy army truck with armoured cab, or some kind of armoured ambulance. Either way, the scouts get destroyed in game alot, so it's fitting.

Boarding Mission said...

It was a slow slide to the dark side for me as well. One day you wake up and poof, you no longer play but spend all your time building the coolest models with all kinds of background and scratchbuilding and conversion work.

Welcome to the fold.

Col. Hessler said...

The real dilemma occurs when you start to think about changing from painting & converting to painting OR converting...mmuuhahahaha

Cheers, mate!