Monday, 4 January 2010

December Parade Ground recruits

A little late with the New Year, but here's December's new parade ground recruits. When I first started the Parade Ground bloglist, there were guard blogs everywhere but they seem to be getting thin on the ground now, so find new recruits is getting harder with each month.

Has anyone else noticed how many of the new space wolf blogs have gone quiet recently? I'm expecting to see quite a few Nids blogs popup with the new codex coming out soon. Anyway, back to the recruits. - Guard and Academics in one blog, it's almost Heresy, but in truth, it's quite entertaining. - Guard in the cold, this guy's got some cracking models, well worth having a peek. - A new Praetorian blog with lots of footsloggers and a couple of Valks, I'll be watching this one grow.

That's it for December guys, as always, if you have a guard blog, or know of a blog I haven't listed, drop me a line and I'll get it on the Parade Ground.


Soundwave said...

Thanks for posting my blog up. I've gone from about 8 views a day to 24, and gained two more dedicated followers. Cheers!

CylonDave said...

Nice additions, always like seeing a Valhallan, and the Praetorian one is always cool as they are my choice army for IG.

I'm sure we go thru a surge of new blogs as the new dex hit the streets. Typical New Shiney Syndrome hitting. After a while blogs are abandoned when people move on to new items or are no longer able to powergame a list to death. The Cycle of Codecies....

Col. Corbane said...

@Soundwave - No worries mate.

@CD - The shiny kit syndrome has hit the blogosphere - shame. We watch them come and we watch them go - lol.

Craig said...

hey col.
Iv fallen off the whole blogging world now for quite a while with moving home, losing internet for an age, getting a new job in my old school and now Iv been offered a cadetship to train as a merchant navy Deck officer, starting Jan 27th. I am hoping that in the college spells I might get stuck back into the cadians, I have ridiculously bought an extra box despite all the other jobs I still have promised to do, like the commissariat salamander amongst others!
Hope you're well
Craig @ Cadian8th