Saturday, 13 March 2010

Thinking about the future - 1st platoon and more ...

It's been a lazy Saturday afternoon, the kids have been playing good and I've been thinking about my guard. There's various projects that have been completed, such as the command section and 2nd platoon. I've almost finished work on the last vehicle for my Russ company for now and even the Field Ambulance is almost finished with only the stretcher bearers and a tent to do to complete it. Once those few models are done, all my current projects will be finished.

So, I find myself thinking about what to do next, specifically what units to do for 1st platoon. 1st platoon is going to be my veteran platoon. I'm not sure on the size yet but I figure a bare minimum of a command squad and five squads, I'm not sure on whether to do the heavy weapons squads or not at the moment. So, I've been working out what I actually want in the way of unit types. So far, this is what I've come up with ......
  • Snipers - a unit of 10 counts as ratlings. I've never liked space halflings, so I'm going to use the standard cadian and catachen snipers for the unit, I've already got six sorted.
  • Harkers boys - a unit of infiltrating camo'd vets tooled up to do some damage led by my Harker model. I'm planning quite a bit of GS work on this squad.
  • Shock troops - a unit of vets in carapace armour, I've got ten of the inquisition storm troopers who'll fit this role perfectly and not clash with the storm troopers I have already.
  • Standard vets - two units of standard veterans customised with cadian and FW bits to make them stand out against my normal troopers. 
That'll give me 5 squads of veterans and an interesting mix to 1st platoon as well as a wide range of hobby opportunities which will give me plenty to get my teeth stuck into.

Now, the other project I was planning for this year was my naval beach assault force. I've been thinking lately that I should probably put this on the back burner for a while. Although it's a project I really want to do, it's not something that I'm going to be playing with much and as such I really need to concentrate on painting up models I'm going to use for playing. So, I need to hit the drawing board again and figure out what other things I need to get painted up for my army this year, and yes, that means the valkyrie for a start!

Here's to another interesting year!


Hal'jin said...

I know one nifty resource in regards to IG Veterans! ;)

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Craig said...

exciting stuff. cant wait to see more!

Brian said...

I completely agree about the Halflings. For my IG, I've been considering only using the Special Weapons frames (Cadian or otherwise) with only the kneeling legs and a converted Lasgun to finish. My reasoning is that they would still only ever be about waist height...

sovietspace said...

*sigh* Am I the only person who likes ratlings!?

Ahywho, glad to see your coming to the end of your current projects and even more glad that your sticking with IG. Looking forward to more soon!

Grizzled Gamer said...

Seldom does an article make me cheer and boo at the same time.
However, that is exactly what you article did... a retire US Marine, I would love to see your naval beach assault force...
...guess I will have to wait. BOO!

JoshRossington said...

Its strange, sovietspace. I love the new spacehobbit sculpts, however my Guard are anti abhuman and anit-nonstandard, for that matter.

Even my rough riders are Cadian-based, so they really don't fit with my theme. I would like to paint 5 up though.

Good luck and good job with a detailed outline, Col.

Uncle Puck said...

Hmm... I really like the idea of Cadian and Catachan snipers as "count-as-ratlings". I may need to steal that idea.

Here is an easy way to convert your lasguns into sniper rifles... remove the barrel from the gun up to the stock, but keep the tip. Drill a hole into the lasgun, and stick a brass nail into it, point first. Remove the head of the nail, and glue the tip of the gun to the nail. Stick a scope of some kind on top,,, and viola! Sniper rifle.

Or, you can buy your snipers in a blister pack.

Col. Corbane said...

@Hal'jin - ;-) there's plenty of potential in the project mate, so who knows.

@King's SB - First few models should be coming next month matey.

@Bsmoove - I'm not too worried about their height mate, so I'm probably just going to use the cadian/catachen snipers.

@Sovietspace - Someone's got to love the space hobbits mate - lol. I think I'll be sticking with guard for a while yet mate, there's plenty of options in the codex that need filling.

@Magilla Gurilla - Don't be sad mate, I'm not abandoning the project, I'm just making it a side project rather than a primary one. You'll be seeing rigid raiders coming soon.

@tQstudios - Cheers matey.

@Mordian7th - I'm looking forward to getting into Harker mate, got loads of plans for him. On the vets, I've got the FW upgrades, so I'll start there but who knows where I'll stop - lol.

@Uncle Puck - Go for you life mate, and thanks for the tip matey.

CanolliCrusader said...

good luck friend! ....why are you standing here?? get a move on it! :)