Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What's your Kill Team?

With the release of the new Battle Missions book, GW have revamped the kill team rules, basically dumbing them down a bit in order to make the game easier to play. I just love kill team, it's a great way to get into the nitty gritty of the game. The rules for selecting a kill team are .....

200pts max. with the following selection restrictions 0-1 elite, 0-2 troops and 0-1 fast.

All models act independently, so a 10 man veteran squad is really 10, 1 man veterans "units". They all act independently (eg no unit coherency). Any 3 models in your kill team can pick 1 rule from the special rules section in the 40k rule book, eg, feel no pain, stealth, ect.

Based on these, I'd go for the following .........

Marbo (65pts)

10 Vets (70pts) with Forward Sentries (30pts)
Missile launcher team (15pts)
Meltagun (10pts)
2x Sniper rifle (10pts)

With tank hunter on the missile launcher and infiltrate on the snipers. I reckon I could have some fun with these guys. What would you put together for your kill team?


Tristan M said...

Interesting, didn't realize that was in the battle missions book. Definitely love kill-team, time to get a few more deathwatch members painted up.

Unknown said...

One thought - is Tankhunter the best use of your limited special rules? There won't really be any vehicles beyond rhinos in Kill Team, I'd imagine.
How about giving him stealth? That would give him a 3+ cover save in many instances.

Jim said...

I was going to post something similar on my blog when I saw this.

The first thing that sprung to mind was -

Terminator Assault Squad, 3 x lightning claws, 2 x thunder hammer and storm shield.

Special Rules -

2 thunder hammers - Counter Attack
1 lightning claw - Fearless

Probably as cheesey as a cheese factory leading up to international cheese lovers day, but it could be fun.

I'll have a better look at a decent balanced 200 pts later, but I reckon that, initially anyway, there'll be a few kill teams either based on the SW or SM codices that look like the one above.


Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Sounds awesome, will have to sit down at the alter and see if the Dark Apostle can think up a fiendish force.

I'm guessing those models are old school? With the green bases and all.


Unknown said...

lone wolf with termi armour and frost axe - 55 pts

8 grey hunters with plasmagun and mark of the Wulfen - 145 pts

lone wolf gains infiltrate
grey hunter with plasmagun gains relentless
grey hunter with Mark gains Furious charge

Flekkzo said...

Tricked out legion of the damned with flamer and heavy flamer. FnP on special weapons and sergeant.

Sounds pretty mean to me paired with their special rules and all:) Hmm. Maybe heavy bolter instead when I think about it. Anything with good range.

Or just 25 boyz. Should prove pretty mean:) Or heck, maxed out grotz:) (my iPhone wanted to fix the spelling of grotz to fritz:) funny)

When I think about it, this sounds like a lot of fun!

Ginge said...

@Alex - thanks to forward sentries they ALL already have 3+ cover.

Marbo HAS to be in any guard kill team, it's what he's meant for! Hell, he IS a kill team from the fluff ;oP

But given he likes to work alone...

Veterans with gunnery Sergeant Harker, forward sentries, meltagun, heavy flamer, heavy bolter, sniper rifle.

Not sure what skills I'd give to the special 3 yet, don't have my rule book to hand. But Harker and the forward sentries already gives them 2+ cover, infiltrate and move through cover.

Admiral Drax said...

Yeah - I'd be inclined towards something more like Ginge's approach. I'm a big Harker fan.

Must get this book.

- D.

rpthomps1111 said...

I would do

6 Chosen Chaos Space Marines (126pts)
1 champion (30)
2 with autocannon(40pts)
1 with flamer (5)
Feel no pain
201 pts ...close enough


twitter: rpthomps

Soundwave said...

@Ginge - How do they get a 2+ cover save by your reckoning? I originally thought the same thing up until a few weeks ago when I was re-reading some of the rules and feel sorely disappointed. Both the Camo Cloaks from the Forward Sentries upgrade and Harker give them Stealth, which results in +1 to cover save. Camo Cloaks no longer give +1 cover outright for Guard anymore :(

Please tell me I'm wrong, because I had grand plans for a Harker squad.

Ginge said...

You're absolutely right mate. Bah!

Ok, so I guess that does give them 30 points to spend on something else, and given Harker forbids Grenadiers, Demolitions seems to be the way to go. With every man toting meltabombs, no vehicle is safe! :oP

Soundwave said...

At the end of the day, we lose a 2+ cover save but gain anti-tank capabilities on top of whatever you decide to arm them with. I guess it's not all bad then ;)

Connor said...

Techmarine on a bike, Thammer, Servo harness, and a land speeder with 2x HB's

Shoot stuff up and dodge the incoming dudes ^.^
Although, not sure what USR would be chosen...
If i could stack USR's, it would be eternal warrior, counter attack, and FNP on the techmarine, but if not probably just Eternal warrior to prevent an instant death of the poor dude since he is more than half of the Kill Team

Gotthammer said...

For Marines:
Tac squad with Power Weapon, Heavy bolter/Missile launcher and a plasmagun.

Sergeant gets Furious Charge, gunners get Relentless.

For Eldar:

4 x Striking Scorpions
1x SScorp Exarch with Claw, Biting Blade and Stalker (gives unit Move Through Cover)

4 x Dire Avengers
1 x DA exarch with Diresword

SS exarch gets Feel No Pain, DA gets Furious Charge, and a SScorp gets Hit and Run.

Honestly I'm probably going to field my Eldar more for this - I've painted my Exarch up like the Predator :)

Col. Corbane said...

There's some nasty ideas out there, my mate wants his to be a deathleaper and a couple of gaunts.

I did think of harker but if I took him, I wouldn't be able to take Marbo, and I just love Marbo!