Friday, 23 July 2010

Second Starstreak finished

I haven't really got back into painting yet, the paints and brushes are sitting on my paint station but right now I'm not really in the mood to paint shades of grey, so instead, I decided to put together another Starstreak Hydra.

This one went together a hell of a lot easier than the last one, although it did need fixing in a couple of places. The gun slots and the top hatch both needed a little work after the filing, I also had to fix a bit of the track but in comparison to the last one, this one was a beauty to put together.

I also seem to be getting better at doing rivets, but if I ever do any major scratch building in the future, I'll definitely be investing in a hole punch as there's a lot of work in doing rivets with plastic rod.

Anyway, it's exactly the same setup as the last with just a few changes to the stowage on the sides of the hull. Here's the pics, hope you like it.

Finally, here's a pic of the twins together. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. Now all I have to do is break out the paints and get cracked on with painting them up in the Corbanian colours.

I'm planning on adding a third 'special' Starstreak Hydra to finish off the squadron but I need to do some searching for some bits before I can put it together. In the meantime, I'm off camping this weekend with the wife and kids, so I've loaded up the Ipod with a few episodes of the Independent Characters and 11th Company podcasts. I've never really listened to them before but I've heard good things.

So guys, hope you have a good weekend, I plan to :-)


Zzzzzz said...

Excellent work, Col C. They look even better in number. A third would probably qualify for one of those Apoc formations (?)

Admiral Drax said...

Enjoy the camping, mate.

And I love the power packs on the side!

- D.

Murl said...

man I love those....nice work!

Frag_Dad said...

Great stuff - they look good together already, I can't wait to see them painted! Your mention of a 'special' one has me intrigued...

CylonDave said...

Great job on the 2 tanks! They look awesome! Can't wait to see them painted =)

Col. Corbane said...

@ZZZZ - Cheers mate, never even thought of Apoc formations, might have to have a look at that.

@Admiral Drax - Cheers matey, had a great time, it's nice to get away sometimes, plus I got some hobbying in as well!

@Murl - Thanks mate.

@Frag Dad - Cheers mate, I really do need to break out the paints and get stuck in. The third should round the squadron off nicely, I just need to get some bits first.

@CylonDave - Thanks mate, hopefully they'll be painted up soon.

Tallarn said...

Nice work, good content for an e-zine even if very late. Thoes would look great in any formation, clean and well put together. Nice work!

Col. Corbane said...

@Tallarn - Cheers matey, hopefully they won't take too long to finish off.

Cadian 127th said...

Having just found this conversion, can I ask what you used for your missile turrets?