Thursday, 25 November 2010

Parade Ground New Recruits

Here's the latest additions to The Parade Ground blog list. As always, if you have a guard blog or know of a good one, drop me a line and I'll get it listed. Anyway, here's the recruits, sorry about the delay guys.


DimmyK said...

Me please, got 2 authors with guard armies

Rasmus Olesen said...

Thank you for sharing my blog mate, much appreciated!

Unknown said...

Colonel, when I click the link for it says that the page was not found.

Col. Corbane said...

@DimmyK - I checked your blog and it seems to be mainly space marine stuff?

@Rasmus - No worries mate, hope it brings you some visitors.

@The Antipope - Well spotted mate, it's definitely the right address, so it looks like the guy has deleted his blog.