Sunday, 29 March 2009

Playing a bit differently

It's a lovely sunday afternoon, and I'm sitting in the garden on my laptop watching the kids play and the rabbit run for it's life. Well, I say run for it's life, in truth, it's easily running rings around my 3yr old lad and his baby sister - lol

Probably inspired by the old gamers article in the latest issue of WD, I've been thinking quite a lot about big games. I really like big games, and by that, I mean campaigns, multitable games, and scenario driven games. Don't get me wrong, I love a straight game of 40k at the club on a friday night, but that's all it is, a game. Big games are stories in action, they drag you in and then never let you go. Once it's started, you're in it to the end, and that's what I'm craving right now!

So, I've been chatting with a few friends and we're going to setup a campaign that's story driven, points are out of the window on this one. The basic story is set, the foul tau are attacking an imperial world. We've already decided that it's going to be mainly static imperial defences with the tau trying to seize the capital. We've also already decided that the imperium is likely to loss as they are facing overwelming odds. So, what's the point of playing a campaign that you know the outcome? Well, it's not about the fact I'm in all likelyhood going to lose, but how I lose. That's the Dunkirk spirit kicking in.

We'll be fleshing out the campaign over the next coming weeks, so I'll keep posting what we've got so far. Right, off to think about maps.


Boarding Mission said...

Really looking forward to seeing your posts on this, I've been fortunate to play a couple games like this and I absolutely love this style of play.

oni said...

Campaigns are fun for sure. I like it when one battles can affect a subsequent battle. I also like it when allied forces can come in and bolster the defenses or aid in the attack. There's just so many options.

Itkovian said...

I love these kinds of games, they're greatly evocative and you get far more "in" to the game/story as it unfolds. It makes that lone marine/guardsman/tank who just won't die no matter what your opponnent does to it that much more of a hero.

Can't wait to read your write-up.