Sunday, 15 March 2009

YouTube Vid - Bases tutorial

Well, I've been thinking and I don't want to wait until I've finished the trenches and edited all the tutorials before publishing them. So I'm going to release bit as I get them done. There's only one hitch, the very first part needs the finished trenches to show people what they're building but I can't film that until I've finished. So, ironically the fist part will be coming last. Please accept my apologies for this in advance.

Right, back to the good bit, I've finished editing up the movie and posted it to YouTube. It's a 10min guide to using MDF for wargames scenery. Hope you like it and let me know what you think.

Making earthworks out of polystyrene next ...

1 comment:

Dark Apostle Drazilek said...

Looking good so far, the cake bases is a nice fine, as I have been wondering about MDF and carry a massive sheet from B&Q, but this is alot better, nices sizes already.

Look forward to the next episode, and even more so to de-trenching your IG from it once finished. lol.