Saturday, 7 March 2009

Modular Trenches - Bases

Well, I've spent the evening working on the bases for the trench system. I've put together four boards, each one 2'x1' (well actually 10" on the edges). Two of the boards are going to have pillarboxes on them, the other two and simple trench lines with firing steps and heavy weapon dugouts.

I've made them out of cake boards, which may sound strange but they're dead easy to get hold of, most supermarkets stock them. They're cheap, 8 12"x12" boards only cost me £6 from the lovely old dear who runs the cake and sweet shop at our local indoor market. Finally, they're really easy to work with, you can cut them with a steak knife if you need and I often do when I'm bevelling the edges.

Anyway, here's the pics of what I've got so far ........

Next stage is the earthworks. I'm going to make these out of standard builders polystyrene. I know you can get specialist modeling foam but personally, for general hills and stuff, this stuff is just too expensive and difficult to get hold of. So, once again, I'm going for the cheap and easy option. I've ordered a 2 inch thick sheet of 8'x4' from my local builders merchants. It's only cost me £11 and I'm only going to use 1/4 of it (one long edge 8'x1').

I've also ordered a new hot wire cutter from EC Scenics along with some replacement wires and some new tall grass tufts that you can just stick to your bases. Although, in hindsight, they're not much use in a cityfight army....... they'll probably end up on my Eldar or Grey Knights.

Hopefully, it'll be here early next week so I can get cracked on with making the earthworks. I really don't want to have to use my GW wire cutter, this woodland scenics one is mains powered, so it'll cut through it like butter and I don't have to worry about batteries going dead.

On the video tutorial, well, my wife has given me some space and I've aleady done the footage for the planning and base making. I'll get it captured tomorrow and have a look at how bad it is .... I hate seeing myself on camera - lol


Boarding Mission said...

Very nice. Modular stuf can be very hard to pull off well.
It's a lot of work just in the planning stages alone.

Looking forward to the progress on these.

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